Lizzo strips naked on Instagram without filters to claim real beauty


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The American singer Lizzo In recent times, it has become an icon in the fight for ‘body positive’, a trend that aims to defend the naturalness of bodies as they are, in any size and with imperfections. The misuse of tools such as Photoshop or filters, on many occasions distorts the reality of the images published by celebrities, influencers and all kinds of personalities on social networks such as Instagram, creating a false myth of perfect bodies and attention to detail that is far from reality and often false expectations and frustration in those who seek to achieve that ‘false perfection’. Famous like kardashian sisters, are often criticized for this type of act, since this type of snapshot is often harmful to new generations.

A group of women arises in this controversy who seek to give voice to real bodies with allegations for real beauty, without filters or retouching and this has been shown on this occasion Lizzo, posting a picture of her completely naked for their more than 10 million followers in which you have written: “Welcome to the Taurus season”, and unsurprisingly, the snapshot took just a few minutes to go viral.

“To celebrate, I want to share this unedited selfie with everyone. Now I would normally fix my gut and soften my skin, but darling, I wanted to show myself what I am like in nature, “explains the singer in the text of the image. The publication has taken a few minutes to be filled with compliments and comments thanking them for their action and their work to move forward with this type of publication in favor of real beauty.

It’s not the first time that the singer breaks a spear in favor of showing the bodies as they are by sharing images of her own body; and it is that in this case, Instagram has become the perfect platform to give voice to these demands, a loudspeaker to put an end to the ‘body shamming’ -action of ridiculing anyone for their physical appearance-, and the antiquated canons of beauty.

Ashley Graham, example and precedent

There are many famous women who in recent times have launched themselves to show their bodies as they are, defending naturalness and betting openly on their real bodies, without retouching. Ashley GrahamIn addition to being one of the most successful models of the last decade, she has become another great reference for millions of women around the world thanks to her constant fight to end stereotypes in the industry and defend her body at all costs.

With the measures that launched her to stardom by flag: her 1.77 meters tall and her 83 kilos carved in a 44, she is very clear about the message she wants to convey to society and on her Instagram profile it is common to find photos in underwear or bathing suits, showing her body without any kind of retouching and inviting all women to love themselves and accept their bodies as they are, regardless of imperfections, sizes or age.

Graham confessed in a recent interview for The Wall Street Journal that hates “having to constantly argue about his body and give explanations”. She is clear about her ideas and the importance as a public figure of giving voice and being an example of respect for all people, “that’s why I don’t post ‘perfect’ photos on Instagram. I keep it real and raw constantly because I want it to be known that there are women with cellulite, with fat on the back and with stretch marks», He explained.

The fight against filters

A struggle to eliminate filters and retouching that a few weeks ago took a step further in the United Kingdom with the announcement of the ban on the use of beauty filters on Instagram to the ‘influencers’, thus creating a precent against this type of misleading publications in which they often show off a perfect body and skin that are real to us. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), the advertising regulatory body in England, launched its new regulations on the advertising use of social networks, prohibiting beauty filters that can be “misleading” in the publications of brands and ‘influencers’ on the social network. The measure does not affect private users, only those profiles whose objective is to make a profit from such advertising.

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