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Go ahead: I have no idea about football, but the other day I fell in love with Messi. I suffered the outburst while I was watching it on television, during that press conference that is now history. He had not yet managed to articulate a word and I was already surrendered to his tears. Look at it there, creature, ’embarracaíto’.

His was more than crying. Messi bellowed live, he jipiaba disconsolate; with sound, like tit children. With his tears, he shed the truth that the fans had been waiting for months amid so much confusion and mystery. Although that truth was limited to that dislocated crying, because of the rest of the entire scene, nothing is still understood. How is it possible that the best footballer in history, that super millionaire player, has not achieved what he wants, to stay at Barcelona? If not even Messi gets what he wants, what can the rest of the wayward mortals expect? It’s downright bleak.

Messi is very sad, it was noticed above all in those small eyes full of regret and fear. And in those snot that dripped from his nose. Sweetie, he had to blow them several times with a handkerchief. A friend recently told me that she has a mania that she inherited from her mother, always carrying tissues with you because you never know when you will have a hanging mucus. When I saw Messi clinging to his handkerchief, I thought of his and the salvation on that piece of paper. I get to be there and I blow my nose.

After the tantrum, her face flushed and puffy with exertion, she deserved a glass of Cola-Cao. Warm. Millionaires cry just like the poor, although I suppose that the annoyance passes before them.

Lionel’s tears are undoubtedly tears of defeat. The sad cry of someone used to success is even more poignant. The millions are just a fluffy feather mattress that does not relieve the pain of that sentimental hernia. The annoyance will go away soon, as we all feel bitterness even when you don’t make ends meet. The difference is that his, we could see, is history. Between pouts, in that sinvivir, he only needed to say: “Messi is a human being.” The rest of the answers, those that nobody gave, will think about it tomorrow.

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