Lourdes Leon, from ‘Madonna’s daughter’ to a new fashion promise

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For Lourdes Leon Being the daughter of the queen of pop has not been a bed of roses. Always subjected to comparisons and expectations about the professional path she would take, she has long since decided not to follow in her mother’s footsteps Madonna, although that does not imply that there is no chosen to live in front of the cameras. In fact, he already has several advertising campaigns under his belt, the last one with Marc Jacobs, brand of which it is the image for its spring-summer 2021 collection.

Lola Leon, as everyone knows her, combines her career in the world of fashion with her studies in Performing Arts at the University of Michigan, where her mother also studied and where she met her first boyfriend, the actor Timothée Chalamet.

To their 24 years it already has a promising path. Brands raffle her not only for being ‘daughter of’, but also for her mood and rebel style, which she uses from a very young age as a call to vindicate the rights of young people and women.

Her career in fashion is very promising
Her career in fashion is very promising – © Marc Jacobs

It is not by chance, therefore, that most of the firms with which he has worked strive to convey a transgressive and liberal message that fits perfectly with his personality, giving rise to advertising pieces loaded with force. His debut comes from afar, specifically with 13 years, when she designed a clothing line, called Material Girl, with her mother.

His personality, a great ally

From that moment Stella McCartney he noticed her, it is not known if because of the similarities that both share, being the daughters of iconic singers, or because of Leon’s overwhelming personality. «I have known her since she was born, and she is beginning her career as a performance artist. She is an independent, inspirational and free-spirited young woman. Despite being born in the spotlight, she keeps her feet on the ground ”, declared the designer in 2016, after running their first campaign together.

Following this collaboration, Leon worked with Converse in 2018, in an irreverent photo shoot focused on highlighting the most nostalgic trends of the 90s and in which she dated underarm and leg hair in defense of natural beauty and as a rejection of the canons imposed by society.

Lourdes Leon in the 2018 Converse campaign
Lourdes Leon in the 2018 Converse campaign – © Converse

Shortly after he debuted on the catwalk of the ‘fashion week’ neoyorkina from the hand of Gipsy Sport with a style very in his line: roots in hair, torn nipple shields and pants which could well belong to one of Madonna’s first music videos.

Left, Lourdes' NYFW debut;  right, at the CFDA Awards
Left, Lourdes’ NYFW debut; right, at the CFDA Awards – © Gtres

For the past three years, Leon has participated in campaigns to Unequal -in an artistic show in which the diversity of love was defended- and signatures as diverse as Jean Paul Gaultier, Miaou o Juicy Couture, where he shared the limelight with the curvy supermodel Ashley Graham.

Now part of the agency CAA Fashion who also represents other stars of the catwalk like Claudia Schiffer, Heidi Klum, Elsa Hosk, Winnie Harlow, Georgia May Jagger o la mother of Tesla CEO, Maye Musk.

Lourdes Leon in the Adidas and Juici Couture campaign
Lourdes Leon in the Adidas and Juici Couture campaign – © Adidas / Juicy Couture

What does Madonna think of the path her daughter is taking?

The young woman’s mother proudly declared, in an interview for Vogue, that considers that Lola has more talent than her and that it has had to face many barriers.

Mother and daughter are very close
Mother and daughter are very close – © Instagrm: @ lourdesleon.ciccone

“The talent he has is crazy. I’m dying of envy because she is amazing in everything she does: She is a great dancer, a great actress, she plays the piano in a beautiful way… she is much more talented than me. I have the feeling that social networks torment her and that they make her think that the things she gets will come because I am her mother. I try to give her the example of other daughters of celebrities like Zoe Kravitz, who also had to go through that phase of ‘ah, you are the daughter of …’ and then they were taken seriously. You just have to keep working and trying, ”Madonna said.

If the young woman continues down this path and manages not to lose her particular essence, it could be said that her career is still going to give a lot to talk about.

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