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Istanbul, a land where East meets West in a marble collision of thousands of years of culture, history and tradition, with some settlements thought to be 7,000 years old. Istanbul has seen many names and civilizations including Greeks, Romans, Iranians, Ottomans and now modern Turkey. The city is an amazing record of the human race and its migrations across the planet, showing cultural influences from around the world.

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Soltanya Hotel is a luxury hotel located in the heart of old Istanbul, which combines the best of old and Ottoman style and luxury with modern comfort and personal service. As soon as you walk through the door, you step into a unique type of luxury that leaves you feeling uncluttered while leaving your personal space and privacy intact. This luxury hotel in Istanbul has everything from the welcoming Turkish coffees served in intricate silver cups on an engraved silver tray with Turkish delicacies on the side, to the genuine warmth and kindness of the staff who went above and beyond. Discover this luxury hotel in Istanbul, the perfect base for a city that was the center of the Western world for hundreds of years.

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One of the best features of Soltaniyeh is its location, in the middle of Sultanahmet in old Istanbul, some of the city’s biggest attractions are only a five to ten minute walk away, including the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia and Topkapi Palace.

This hotel has a top rating on Tripadvisor and you can book a hotel room on or Agoda. You can also contact them directly on their website.

Outstanding property

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While the entire hotel is a special experience in itself, it has one amazing feature that really sets it apart – the traditional Hamann-style spa. Located beneath the hotel, this corridor opens to a luxurious underground space with an indoor pool, Himalayan salt jacuzzi, full gym, sauna and Turkish steam room. There’s even a cushioned alcove to crawl into between sauna sessions, and the intensely revitalizing water jets will soothe your aching muscles after hours of exploring.

People / staff

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The staff is where you find the real warmth of Hotel Soltania, genuine hospitality, interesting conversations, advice on everything and anything you want to do in the city. They are completely attentive to your every need without ever being overbearing or invading your personal space and free time.


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The rooms are designed to make you feel like a Sultan in pure Ottoman style while combining the experience with modern design and amenities. The bed was covered in intricately woven covers and turkish pillows, with a sofa beside it and soft lighting. When we arrived we found a surprise welcome tray with more Turkish sweets and treats, followed by a personally delivered bottle of wine and more Turkish food! The glass wall in the bathroom contrasts with the classic oriental style of the rest of the room, creating a sort of east-west chic that’s perfect for relaxing after a tiring exploration of this amazing city!

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Food/Restaurant Review

Downstairs Restaurant: The downstairs restaurant, right next to the lobby, was where we had breakfast, which was an appetizing array of local and international dishes. Turkish breakfast always includes healthy green salads, olives, olive oil, fresh yogurt and fruits, along with international additions such as waffles, fried eggs, omelets and cereals. A Turkish tea or coffee is a wonderful kick in the morning!

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Soltania Hotel’s true culinary masterpiece lives on the top floor, at the Olive Anatolian rooftop restaurant. The cooking style is based on Turkey’s most versatile product, the olive, due to its central role in the healthy Mediterranean diet.

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To start, we had a mixed salad of seafood, with small cuts, colorful vegetables, leaves and herbs, fresh squid hide, octopus and muscles.

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Our main course was a traditional Turkish kebab of tender, juicy shallots, roasted beef on a bed of rosemary fries, then grilled fish fillet with fresh leaf salad. Both dishes used the perfect combination of a handful of ingredients to create fresh and intense flavors.

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Desert was equally sumptuous, with a chocolate brownie with a liquid chocolate center and thick, creamy Turkish ice cream on the side, plus a variety of baklava.

Floor-to-ceiling windows provide a panoramic view of Istanbul from the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia to the eastern side of Istanbul. Watching the twinkling lights of the buildings spread across the hillside to the east and the lights of the boats crossing the Bosphorus creates a lively yet intimate atmosphere.

Even if you are not staying at Soltania Hotel, we recommend treating yourself to a luxurious dining night.

welfare amenities: cable television; Hot water; WiFi; indoor swimming pool; Jacuzzi; fitness suite; Hammam; steam room; dry sauna

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Insider tips: Ask for a room on a higher floor, because although only the restaurant has a view of the city, you’ll at least get more natural light.

What to do around / in Soltanieh Hotel area

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  1. Visit the Blue Mosque – check the prayer times, as it is closed during these times.
  2. Visit Hagia Sophia
  3. Basilica Cistern – Explore the underground of Istanbul!
  4. Continent Jump – Sail east to see the East and the West.
  5. Walk across the bridge from east to west to see the locals fishing from the side of the bridge!
  6. Enjoy yourself with the traditional Haman Spa treatment!

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Note: We were guests of the hotel and all comments and texts are all mine!

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