Macarena Gómez’s “fake” nose and other aesthetic ugliness


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A photo of Macarena Gomez on his Instagram, with his nose covered with dressings, and accompanied by the message “Okay, I had doubts, but I HAVE DONE IT, after a long time meditating on it, I jumped in and … I got my nose enlarged”, has revolutionized social networks. It was implied that the actress had undergone an aesthetic intervention to multiply her olfactory sensations, and this aroused some surprise in the aesthetic sector. «Have you had an operation to smell the perfumes better? That has never been seen, nor does it make sense, “said the surgeon Franco Gongora. I was right.

Behind it was a marketing campaign, orchestrated by the Perfume Academy, to create something disruptive in its virtual gala for the delivery of its annual awards: the film “Smell Film”, starring the woman from Aldo comas, and with an enlarged nose with characterization prosthesis to draw attention to the sensoriality and evocative power of perfume. Once the cake is discovered, the anecdote opens the debate about how far some people are willing to go “because of the demands of the script” … or of life.

From Clínica Menorca they start by saying that, in the event that Gómez’s desire to transform his nose had been real, it would have been absurd to resort to surgery considering that there are better options such as injecting hyaluronic acid, which is reversible, and has a specified duration. “Due to professionalism, a surgery of this type should not be practiced. They must always have a surgical criterion, take into account the deontological duty of medicine and not perform any medical service that damages the image or health (physical or mental) ».

The doctor Jorge Planas tells the case of a boy with a perfect, beautiful nose, who came to his office to have it ugly, so as not to look like his father, whom he hated. “These patients who seek a remedy in surgery and not in the psychiatrist, we do not treat,” says this specialist. The surgeon Franco Góngora has had to enlarge a nose, “but it has been in patients with the appendix damaged by an accident or consumed by cocaine,” he clarifies. The doctor Pedro ArqueroHowever, he has had some very positive experience with enlargements such as that of a national policeman, who was almost two meters tall and had a minimal and flat nose, “and when he enlarged it, he was happy to see it,” he says.

But the quirky requests go way beyond our noses. This same surgeon tells that a woman begged him to place a prosthesis of 600 grams in each breast Because his partner was a porn actor and he wanted to be on the same level of bumps as his partners in the movies. Dr. Jorge Planas recalls the case of a young woman who asked him for a breast size 105 and after two months he returned to remove them, because she had simply put them on to appear on a cover of “Playboy.”

In this line the Doctor Jose Maria Ricart assures that there are innumerable cases of women requesting prostheses that are excessive in relation to the width of the thorax, “and beyond the wishes of the patient, medical rigor must prevail.” To achieve a sporting goal you can also commit aesthetic follies. Dr. Planas does not forget a young girl who came to see him because she was going to run a marathon, and she wanted to amputate both breasts completely, to improve the brand.

The physical requirements to obtain a job also lead some people to consider extreme measures. «On one occasion, an aspiring Squad Boy who needed an extra two centimeters to enter the Corps, asked me if I could fit him with prostheses between the skull and the brain, like the ones he had placed on his wife’s chest, and if he would remove them after passing the exam, “explains Planas. Desires on the verge of delirium.

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