Mariah Carey made a surprise appearance at the 2022 BET Awards


Not only were we treated to a surprise performance by a music legend at the 2022 BET Awards (it was Brandy, ICYMI), but there was a second cameo during the show that also blew us away.

Rapper Latto took the stage to perform a medley of tunes, including “Big Energy,” which uses a sample from the Tom Tom Club’s 1981 hit “Genius of Love.” Adolescents, on the other hand, may recognize the pattern Mariah Carey‘s “Sweet Fantasy”, which was released in 1995.

Few people over 30 can hear this sample without feeling the urge to belt out “Oh when you walk by every night/talking sweet and looking fine,” like Carey does on the track. People at the BET Awards liked to spoil the old-timers by inviting Carey to sing a verse during Latto’s performance.

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The iconic singer emerged from behind a screen and boasted a projection of her silhouette, which appropriately dissolved into butterflies fluttering out of sight. The screen lifted to reveal Carey dressed in a floor-length black dress with a jeweled waist-high slit. The performance was quintessential Mariah – emerging flanked by a dancer who held her hand as she took a few dainty diva steps down. At the end of the set, the singer was (rightly) presented with a beautiful bouquet of white flowers, because that’s her you Mariah Carey. That’s it. That is the reason.

The vocals were on point and the look was on point. Carey is a fan of a fitted dress and big, textured blonde hair, and that’s exactly the look she served up tonight. While we didn’t get a close-up of the beat, we can assume it’s pristine.

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