mental health is already the main concern of 72.1% of young people


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72.1 percent of students indicate mental health as their main concern given the situation generated by the Covid-19 crisis, according to ‘Students in a Pandemic. 2020/2021 report on education and participation from the student perspective ‘.

This was announced this Monday by the State Confederation of Student Associations (CANAE), which has conducted a survey of 743 students of compulsory and non-compulsory secondary education and the first years of university, between February 8 and 16.

The data from the study, collected by Europa Press, highlight that this concern for mental health has a greater presence among female students (75.6%) than in men (61.3%). In addition, students who are in Baccalaureate (82.2%) and ESO (70%) are those who indicate a greater concern for mental health.

As detailed by CANAE, young people attribute these figures to the lack of specific measures to combat the effect of social isolation and the months of quarantine. «After half a year teaching from home and the blended-in system implemented since September, the protocols for the fight against Covid-19 do not include stiffeners in the targeting template“, has underlined.

«Students define this last year with three words: ‘overwhelm’, ‘stress’ and ‘anxiety’. Emotional education is the great pending subject of our educational system, “said CANAE president Andrea G. Henry, and later added:” We are still not aware of how important mental health is and how little we are taking care of it , we have to put measures now ».

Other matters of interest

On the other hand, the study indicates that less than a third of the sample feels heard in their educational center and the rights of students concern 63.5%. It is followed by exams and evaluation systems (56%), scholarships (53.3%) and educational laws (50,3%).

In relation to the lack of voice of the students, the study highlights that it is particularly worrying for the FP II (33.3%) and University (31.68%) students consulted. Most of the students who want to found an association find themselves without the tools to do so (45%). A) Yes, eight out of ten students consider that parents and teachers are listened to more than them.

Regarding the exams and evaluation methods, which are the third major concern, the report reveals that it is of particular concern to those who are studying for Baccalaureate (62.5%), and women (56.7%).

The fourth issue that concerns students is the scholarships, according to CANAE, because «to a large extent the structural problem of the delay of an average of 4 to 5 months on your payment despite the increase in amount “.

Likewise, the research indicates that, two months after the approval of the Organic Law of Modification of the LOE (LOMLOE), the educational laws occupy the fifth place as concern in the sample (50.3%) and the students consulted , especially men (58%) and university students (63.4%).

Gender Equality in the classroom worries 44% of respondents, where the student body of subsidized centers (47.7%) and private (46.6%) has a higher incidence. In addition, 42.5% of the students consulted point to online education and during school confinements as a concern.

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