“Money is made when everyone is depressed”


Salvador Sostres



-An investment fund.

-It is the vehicle that large pension funds, large insurance companies, etc. have to manage the money of their savers with different strategies. In my case, the real estate sector in Spain.

-The trust.

-You win it with institutionalism, being a respectable person with integrity, and with ‘performance’.


-Return, earnings. That’s what you are worth. There are no cronyisms.

-The Pampa.

-I was a child with nothing special in a third world country who went to school on horseback.

-This is way down.

-My father had a traffic accident due to the stress caused by his bankruptcy. He was admitted for a year and I had to take care of my brothers. When he recovered, to reward me, he paid me 30,000 euros to go to the best school in the country.

-A businessman.

-I won 12 of the 14 awards at the school, a businessman noticed me and said: “I’m going to educate you.” The best university in South America paid me and with it I learned the habit and the importance of work.

-’Sunday Times’.

-I read it when I didn’t have a penny and I realized that when they published the lists of the ten richest people, at least five were real estate. And I was immediately clear about what to do.

-Effort and intelligence.

-More than intelligence is smell.

-Joaquín Castellví says that the key to success is a certain sense of anticipation and not having studied anything.

-My best school was the jungle. He taught me to survive.

-The other jungle.

-Before arriving in Spain, I spent ten years in London, at the City Group bank. I worked in a team where we were only the most aggressive of the bank.

-What does aggressive mean?

-When everyone is depressed and without seeing light at the end of the tunnel, then that is when the money is earned. -Then is when you have to have the balls to make investment decisions.

-Like now.

-Now it’s late. Now the markets are hot again. More like the last 20 months.

-During confinement.

-The car marks 100,000 kilometers for me, which are the ones I have traveled during this time to shake hands with the construction managers. I have not stopped any.

-He has not hidden.

-That’s where you have to expose yourself. The leader has to put the body to the bullets if he wants his organization to work.

-Do intuition and experience reduce risk?

-You always play with risk. Otherwise, you do not produce above-average returns.

-Stomach ache.

-You always have it when you make investment decisions in troubled waters.

– Experience is useless?

-To not screw up so much. There are mistakes that I no longer make, such as excessive debt.


-What of believing that we are smarter than others plays against us.

-But there is always an Argentine in important things.

-The best Argentines are the resilient ones, like Cholo Simeone. It is not for being smart, it is for holding on. Cholo as a player was a dog, compared to Maradona. But he was the best captain Argentina has ever had.

-Put up with.

-We grow up in a highly toxic environment. It is very difficult to survive, to get up when you fall, to maintain your nose, and an almost psychopathic capacity for effort.

-Again Spain.

-On the one hand, confidence is returning. On the other hand, the Spanish financial system is one of the strongest in the world, and although some sectors are a little short of liquidity, most, between ICOs and savings, have resources.

-It will be fine.

-As the crisis looked darker, the more exponential the recovery will be. Spain has a healthy system and we are also the Florida of Europe. It will go very well.

-Can bad governments sink the economy?

-Spain is such a solid and well-formed country that politics cannot twist it either for better or for worse.

-Ada Colau.

-This lady is taking on all the beautiful things that Penelope Cruz did for the city with ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona’.

-Every time richer, more and more poor.

-More and more science fiction. There are not and will not be radical changes.

-The entrepreneurs.

-Your real great challenge is precisely to create wealth, jobs, distribution of wealth and progress. One who does not take care of his workers and who does not make them progress, does not deserve the name of an entrepreneur.

-Change the production model.

-We have what we have and it is going very well. Construction is the largest generator of employment in Spain.

-They say we have to be a ‘Silicon Valley’.

“Didn’t you give him a silly laugh while you asked me the question?”

-I just don’t know what ‘Silicon Valley’ is.

-Attacking the sector that brings bread to the table is not the most sensible thing to do.

-Florida again.

-Exactly. There they have gone to look for the client. “Tax me and I help you.” Come here to spend and pay taxes, and I will give you all the facilities.

-There’s no need to change anything, then.

– Neither is necessary nor will it change.

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