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At 36 years old, Beatrice Borromeo can boast of being an off-road woman. She has gone from parading in Milan or New York to being quarantined on a farm in southern France with her husband and children, where she learned to cut goats’ nails, plant tomatoes or shear sheep. That’s how she is, charismatic and eager to take over the world, as well as familiar and calm.

Coming from one of the most influential families in Italy, she became part of the Grimaldi house after her wedding, in 2015, with Pierre Casiraghi, who ranks seventh in the line of succession. She, for her part, became known among other things for being one of the most elegant: Grace Kelly, Carolina de Monaco, Carlota Casiraghi, Pauline Ducruet … Its members carry good taste in their blood and from the first moment the Italian has managed to set the bar high with a life in which fashion is one of her passions, but not one of his highest priorities.

Beatrice at the 2018 Rose Ball, the last one attended by Karl Lagerfeld
Beatrice at the 2018 Rose Ball, the last one attended by Karl Lagerfeld – © Gtres

The question is, who really is Beatrice Borromeo? With a Milanese heart but a Monegasque soul, he was born in the small town of San Candido, north of Italy, and as a teenager she moved to Milan to study law at the Bocconi University, one of the most prestigious in the country. There he met the youngest son of Carolina de Monaco and the rest, although it seems to be history, it is not.

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An aristocrat who has made herself

The Italian is the Count’s daughter Carlo Borromeo, Descendant of the Medici, but far from being raised among cottons, as she has told in various interviews, since she was 16 years old she has supported herself. His case is quite striking since although he started working at a very young age to pay for his studies, luxury was still present in his family and social environment.

Midi garments and prints, your essentials
Midi garments and prints, your essentials – © Gtres

Beatrice and fashion have always gone hand in hand, in fact her uncle Matteo Marzotto he was president and director of the house Valentino and Hugo Boss. Precisely having grown up having access to the most prestigious textile houses in the world awakened in her the desire to work on something related to it, and that is why she began to parade for international firms.

His first parade was by the hand of Chanel in the Plaza de España, in Rome, and then followed by ‘fashion weeks’ on both sides of the pond, as well as advertising campaigns with luxury brands. In our country he paraded in Barcelona, ​​back in 2005, in Bridal Week with the help of Pronovias, where he shared the catwalk with models of the stature of Bianca Balti, Carmen Kass or Eugenia Silva.

In the galas Valentino is one of his favorite firms
In the galas Valentino is one of his favorite firms – © Gtres

Fashion and journalism, his passions

But leaving aside the ‘fashion’ scene, what he is really passionate about is journalism. At just 19 years old, he made the leap to television with Michele Santoro, one of the most prestigious journalists in Italy, on a debate program on the second public television channel where he was not short when it came to talking about politics and criticize Berlusconi.

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Later he began to study a Postgraduate in Communication from Columbia University that led you to work on the web The Daily Beast, the publication Newsweek and the Italian newspaper Daily fact or the tv show Year zero. Her vocation is such that as she explained in an interview, during her wedding, Marco Travaglio – the director of Il Fatto Quiotidiano- told her that it was necessary to interview a prestigious anti-mafia magistrate and she, without thinking twice, did it during the invitation. .

On the day, opt for basics with some trendy touches
On the day, go for basics with some trendy touches – © Gtres

Since her marriage she moved to Monte Carlo and lives more focused on her role as a mother, although she continues to practice journalism with the filming of social-themed documentaries for Italian television, which she combines with writing for different newspapers. He also released a children’s book, ‘Captain Papaya and Greta’, in which she narrated the adventures of her husband with Greta Thumberg when they crossed the Atlantic to attend the climate summit that the UN held in New York in 2019.

His style summarized in eight keys

Although she leads a more homely life and does not lavish so much on social events, Beatrice’s good taste does not go unnoticed and continues to conquer fashion houses, where the last to work with her has been Dior, who made her his ambassador last year. Its dressing room is characterized by showing current trends in a balanced way, adapting to different styles without losing its personal essence and can be summarized as eight key points.

1. Jeans and T-shirt, the infallible combo.

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2. Sober looks in formal events and with more daring designs for parties or other celebrations. His favorite luxury brands include Giorgio Armani, Chanel, Valentino and of course, Dior.

White t-shirt and jeans, his star combo
Lanca t-shirt and jeans, his star combo – © Gtres

3. Passion for prints, especially the tribal ones and the flowers.

4. Never dispense with accessoriesfrom belts to jewelry and hair accessories (her favorites are bows and turbans).

5. In everyday life, simple cut sneakers, where white predominate, while in summer it is not separated from espadrilles.

Never do without accessories
Never miss out on accessories – © Gtres

6. Floaty dresses with ruffles and light fabrics like chiffon or tulle when looking for a sophisticated look without having to think too much.

7. The necklines in the back, an alternative full of elegance to which he resorts whenever he can.

8. Skirts and dresses, better ‘midi’ and with marked waists to stylize the figure.

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