My Old Navy Old High Waisted Shorts Shorts Review Editor


As much as I wish I could keep this information to myself, the new Old Navy entrances section is packed with great summer essentials. Among them are the 5-inch Inseam ($ 20, originally $ 40) straight cropped shorts that I could hear when I first saw them. Light washing is not only great for summer, but they are also very long, which I can safely say are neither too long nor too short and are a manifestation of coolness.

When they arrived a few days later, I ordered 6 of them in their normal size and waited for serious damage to the product packaging. I confess that I was in such a hurry that while trying them on, I was able to get my foot through the worn cracks and as a result make them a little more anxious than they were at the beginning. Fortunately, they look deliberately rough, but I recommend moving slower than I do, unless you want to give them a little more character.

I have worn them more than five times in the time I have consumed them – which is a little over two weeks. I wore them over and over again on a recent trip to California, and I wear them while typing because the weather in Minnesota is * finally * warming up. They are Slightly larger than I expected, but to be honest, it does not matter to me, especially since my legs and back have more space to breathe.

I know I’ve started to break up with saying this a few times about Old Navy clothes, but these shorts are so high quality that it’s hard to believe the price. (Did I mention they’re half-finished right now?) Not only that, they’re really easy to lighten. I can photograph them with everything from a regular gear top, like the one I have on it (a super-cut woven top tank, $ 8, FYI), to a long-sleeved blouse.

I highly recommend adding this style to your shopping cart immediately if you want to own it. By the way, this brand is no stranger to selling special designs in unprecedented times, and I can confirm that these shorts will be worn a lot this summer, if I do not accidentally step on worn pieces again and actually wear them. Do not destroy. Time. I should probably buy a second pair as a precaution.

Image source: POPSUGAR Photography / Marisa Petrarca

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