Narciso Casado: The great business event in Ibero-America: innovation and sustainable development

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Ibero-American entrepreneurs have once again committed to a more innovative, sustainable and cohesive future, where the Agenda 2030 It should serve as a roadmap to achieve development and promote collective and shared effort in the Region. From the private sector it is recommended encourage regional cooperation for innovation, generating alliances between governments and companies in the Ibero-American space, which allow us to jointly identify opportunities to develop new products and business models within the framework of alliances.

The XIII edition of the Ibero-American Business Meeting, held in Andorra last week, organized by the Ibero-American General Secretariat-SEGIB, the Ibero-American Business Council-CEIB and the Andorran Business Confederation-CEA, has served to strengthen that much-needed link with the Summit of Heads of State and Government . It is difficult to think of the Ibero-American Summits without the business event that precedes them.

In Andorra these days, with contributions and facts, the commitment to strengthen this work tool so relevant for Ibero-America, such as business meetings, has been renewed, turning them into a an increasingly participatory scenario and faithful to the mandates emanating from political summits; a monitoring space with analysis messages in an Ibero-American key.

Business meetings that make up a great speaker to disseminate today the renewed commitments with the 2030 Agenda, with the double digital and sustainable transformation, with the ecological transition, innovation as a guarantee of prosperity, with the inclusion and sustainability of our Region, or the promotion of public-private collaboration as the most efficient way forward.

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Seven thematic axes

For this occasion, and in record time, a great program structured in seven thematic axes of such relevance for our countries as: business innovation as a pillar for recovery, corporate sustainability and value creation strategies in the new context in which we find ourselves; the ecological transition and energy as key factors for a green way out of the crisis; digital transformation and new products, processes and business models; the recovery of tourism; conflict resolution and arbitration, or innovation and technology as catalysts for gender equality. From that prism it has been possible to observe with precision and detail what is the destiny of our Region in terms of reality, the future and with a great message of hope. All this in an effort to guarantee a more prosperous, inclusive and sustainable Latin America, capable of responding to the changing needs of our societies.

In these intense days of work, they have once again talked about ecology and technology, digitization, innovation, talent retention, equality, stable frameworks, promoting commercial agreements and commitment to the major Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). ) of the 2030 Agenda, and leadership.

All this bearing in mind, and at all times, a motto coined by the Council of Ibero-American Entrepreneurs-CEIB, the Ibero-American Federation of Young Entrepreneurs-FIJE and the Ibero-American General Secretariat-SEGIB, and which represents the firm commitment to bet on a Region positioning it where it should be and to which we are all very proud to belong. «Your motto “MÁS IBEROAMÉRICA” – His Majesty King Felipe VI recalled at the closing of the Business Meeting – he cannot say so much in so few words ».

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It is also necessary to recognize the leadership and commitment work of the presidents of the CEIB-OIE business organizations reunited again in Andorra, an appointment that is also part of the official program of the Summit, and to highlight all the preparatory work that has made this Meeting possible, reflected in a large number of virtual meetings at the beginning, and blended later.

A manifesto signed by business organizations and a comprehensive document of recommendations and conclusions presented to the Heads of State for transfer to the Political Summit are the legacy of this XIII Meeting of Andorra.

Context marked by Covid

It has not been easy to get to this edition in Andorra, especially in a context like the one we are going through with this pandemic that has changed structures, answers to questions and even the very questions that we thought we knew, ways of relating, doing business and unfortunately, life.

Despite this, the Andorran Business Meeting has been a great success, and is already part of the history in capital letters of the Ibero-American Summits that, over 30 years, have proven to be the best regional integration tool that exists.

Speaking again of the present and for the immediate future, congratulations to the Employers’ Confederation of the Dominican Republic-COPARDOM and its president, William Matías Ramírez, which will lead with the coordination of the Permanent Secretariat of CEIB and the support of SEGIB, this new period that will take us to the next Ibero-American Business Meeting, to be held in the Dominican Republic next year, and for which we are already working intensely.

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Finally, a message of hope: that we can meet again in that great Caribbean country and verify that, together, we continue to do more Latin America, create more companies and build a better Region, the one that our citizens deserve.

Narciso Married He is permanent secretary of the Council of Ibero-American Entrepreneurs-CEIB

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