Natural textiles are the latest fashion to dress the house

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Undisputed allies of summer decoration and outdoor environments, this winter natural textiles, among which are the vegetable fibers and fabrics such as cotton or linen, they sneak into the interiors ready to catch the spirit of nature and provide rooms with warmth, comfort and an exotic touch that allows you to disconnect (and travel) without leaving home.

Tan versatile as it turns out, fibers like bamboo, jute or rattan They seize both furniture and rugs, curtains, lamps and all kinds of accessories (lamps, baskets, mirrors, vases), and enter without permission all stays, from the living room to the bedroom, the bathroom or the kitchen.

They are a good option in ‘cozy’ interiors and they succeed with updated rustic, but also have sophistication to fit in environments vintage; natural beauty to shine on Nordic salons; or a aire japandi, Very current. Not forgetting, the cannage or the mesh furniture, which use an ancient braiding technique with natural fibers, usually in rattan.

Esparto sofa. – The Pause.

These are the seven most used natural fibers, its characteristics and application in current trends:

1. Rattan: a classic that reinvents itself inside the home

The rattan has long dominated exterior decoration and now bursts into in the classroom, thanks to its many qualities, among which its resistance, beauty and durability stand out. This fiber, which came on the scene in the 50s, is perfect for giving spaces a charming vintage air.

Rattan chair hk libin
Rattan chair hk libin – HK Living

2. Bamboo: an ally of the japandi aesthetic

The bamboo it is one of the fastest growing plants. Strong, durable and moisture resistant, it is perfect in furniture, lamps and decorative objects. According to its method and its use, there are three categories, they explain from Ikea, «natural fibers (the fiber is woven, rolled or compressed); industrial bamboo (it is separated into thin sheets which are then glued to form different boards) and glued sheets (pressed bamboo veneer). ‘

Bamboo decorative object
Bamboo decorative object – Ikea

3. Jute: a rustic with style

Linked to country houses, the jute claims a preferential place in urban housing, normally dressing the ground in the sofa area, but also in the dining room or hallway.

Jute rug
Jute rug – Business

4. Hemp: a boho chic bet

His image is linked to certain hippie clothes, such as vests and baggy pants. However, at home it brings out its most chic side, showing that the bohemian can also be sophisticated and sustainable, since the hemp it has a low water consumption. It is common to see pieces like lamps, but also tablecloths or curtains.

Hemp bedding.
Hemp bedding. – Pepe Peñalver.

5. Linen: ecological and sustainable

The lino, the oldest vegetable fiber, has everything to be more than a basic of the decoration of the house. With a traveling soul, it is breathable, durable, cool and very pleasant to the touch, so it has no adaptation problems and is worth so much for dress the bed like the living room sofa, the cushions, the window or the tea towels. In addition, it is one of the most ecological and sustainable fabrics in its cultivation, collection and manufacture.

Sofa with washed linen cover.
Sofa with washed linen cover. – About Manuela

6. Wool: home warmth

This basic winter textile has been going strong this 2021, since in addition to the classic sofa blanket or the spectacular rug crawls up the walls (literally) or upholster the main pieces of furniture. Yes, the lana It does so in its ‘bouclé’ or curly version, in white or in raw tones, adding, despite its coarse texture, a sophisticated touch to the decoration of the room.

Lana curly.
Lana curly. – Jonathan Adler

7. Cotton: a basic with many possibilities

Impossible to miss the star (textile) of the room. Alone or combined, the cotton envelops with its warmth and brings freshness when temperatures rise. Very chameleonic, nor there is a seat or complement that resists it. This season ethnic prints, geometric motifs, squares (vichy too) and everything related to nature (plants and flowers) are on display.

Vichy cotton.
Vichy cotton. – Booboo the brand

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