Neus Ballester and Andrea Perelló, first leaders of the Spanish Cup 420 in El Balís


Jaume soler

El Balís (Barcelona)



The 420 Spanish Cup started in the waters of the Club Nàutic El Balís, with a first day in which the great favorites showed their vitola from the beginning. The Balearic Neus Ballester and Andrea Perelló (CN Ràpita / CN Arenal) are the first leaders closing the opening day of the Spanish Cup in Catalan waters with 6 points of advantage over the Canaries Alberto Morales and Miguel Bethencourt (RCN Arrecife), who are seconds. The brothers David and Alex Charles (CN El Balís) are third, surpassing the Andalusian Fernando and Carlos Flethes (CN Puerto Sherry) and the local Sebastián Riquelme and Miquel Pérez by one point.

Soon the current champions of Spain, Ballester and Perelló, marked the way forward. With a gentle wind between 6 and 8 knots, the Balearic Islands made their initial dominance clear by taking the first heat of the day. The Flethes brothers did not want to lose sight of the favorites and were second in this test, while the Mallorcan Pablo Ruíz and the local Javier Mestre crossed the finish line of the first test third.

In the second, victory went to the Canary Islands Alejandra Pérez and Ana Bautista (RCN Gran Canaria), who surprised the entire fleet. Wind conditions had climbed to 12-13 knots. There it was the turn of the brothers David and Alex Charles (CN El Balís), good connoisseurs of the class and the race course to be second in the heat and third, very regular Ballester and Perelló.

In the third test of the day, Ballester and Perelló once again demonstrated their power by winning the test over the Canaries Morales and Bethencourt, who were second in the test, while Riquelme and Pérez crossed third.

In the fourth and last heat of the day the wind dropped to 7 knots and it would be the Charles brothers who would end up taking the regatta and confirming their third place in the general classification. They were followed by Morales and Bethencourt and third were the locals Riquelme and Pérez. For their part, Ballester and Perelló were fifth, since they provisionally discarded, remaining as leaders of the general.

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