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One of the great dreams of Neymar Júnior is to return to play with Leo messi, which is why for a couple of seasons he has been trying to return to Barcelona. PSG is refusing to let him go and has, in fact, presented him with a renewal offer. A master in the art of negotiating his future, the São Paulo player continues to put off the French club while waiting for Barça to take the final step, but to avoid a relaxation of the Catalans he does not hesitate to show his love for the Parisian club. A tactic that dominates to perfection, as he demonstrated in 2017, when he was still wearing the Barça jacket. He claims to be happy in Paris but his renewal (contract ends in 2022) remains entrenched. The footballer wanted to put pressure on Barcelona during the press conference he offered today in the preview of the Champions match that PSG must play tomorrow against Manchester City.

“I am very happy in Paris”, he has limited himself to assuring each time he has been asked about his future. «It is the season in which I feel happiest at PSG. I am happier this year than in the last two. I will do what is best for everyone ”, has slipped into a message that has had many interpretations but that most understand as a veiled message to Barcelona, ​​so that they put all their meat on the grill and make an effort to sign him. «PSG is among the best teams in the world. Last year we reached the final, this year we hope to win the Champions League », he explained to justify his happiness in Paris. “We have to keep working and play well to win the trophy we love so much,” he concluded.

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Leonardo, PSG sports director, has also explained to Canal + France that they do not want to pressure the Brazilian to renew. Everyone knows our intention. We are not in a hurry with Neymar and we want to be quiet. Of course, we want it to happen. But the objective is to play the Champions League final on May 29 ”, he explained. For this reason it seems that the French club will not make any move until the end of the Champions League. Leonardo used the same argument to assess the future of Mbappé: “He still has a year on his contract, it is not the end. The time will come for your decision, but it is not important yet. We are optimistic. We have no reason not to be because of what we have done, but I continue to ask for concentration on the field.

It must be remembered that in the forecasts that Laporta estimated for this season, which throws some losses of 350 million euros, the continuity of Messi and the signing of a star are contemplated, which could be Haaland, Neymar or a similar footballer. The Barça entity remembers the good performance offered by the Brazilian, which is also seen as a bet for the future, an argument that tips the balance before those who criticize his way of escaping from the club in 2017. Precisely, Pep Guardiola, rival PSG tomorrow, praised the Brazilian footballer. «If Neymar had stayed in Barcelona, ​​I’m sure they would have won two or three more Champions. That forward, with Messi and Suárez, is the most unstoppable trio I have ever faced, “said the City coach, who does not forget the strong impression the player already made on him when he trained Barça and prepared for the World Cup final against Santos in 2011.

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