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Excited and calm at the same time. Diplomatic, educated, funny and gorgeous, Nieves Álvarez received us at the backstage of the parade from The Extreme Collection that took place last night in the Hotel Wellington de Madrid. It was her debut as a feminine ready-to-wear designer, combining a limited edition of 8 delicious jackets.

Parade of his collection
Parade of his collection – © Mario Sierra

«In The Extreme Collection my work has consisted of revolutionizing their emblematic jackets a bit, adding hand embroideries that are pure avant-garde craftsmanship and combining different pieces such as the tuxedo or retro-inspired jackets, always counting on the pattern, cut, manufacture and assembly of the garments by workshops that know their work so well, “Nieves told us.

Would you have wanted to do something else in the collection? «Probably I would have modified more details, but Jorge García – the owner of the brand – understands me and has taken my points of view into account. Jorge, next year are you going to let me do whatever I want? » Nieves jokingly snapped at Jorge García, who did not skimp on compliments towards her: «Nieves is a being of light. I’m still looking for a flaw!

The jackets took center stage
The jackets took center stage – © Mario Sierra

Did you imagine as a child that you would design clothes one day? “Not really, although I made some horrible sketches of dolls dressed in green with pink shoes and vice versa (laughs). I liked almost more to devise interior designs and make house plans ». Are you going to continue with your parades abroad? «In a few days I will go to Italy to collaborate with Alberta Ferretti and Bulgari, and if all goes well in January I will attend the Paris Haute Couture to parade for my dear Stéphane Rolland ».

Stéphane Rolland, who has chosen Nieves as his muse, even making her star in his solo virtual shows during the pandemic, has known her for a long time. It was in the 1990s, when Rolland, then an interim designer in the Jean-Louis Scherrer household, first worked with her. And Nieves, with whom it is a pleasure to deal with, has kept a friendship that leads her to star each year on the Parisian fashion show as if time had not passed for her. Although, like any smart and active person, He confesses to wanting to continue learning every day, in the profession and in life. An example of poise and solidity, a professional who begins a new facet and stage in her profession.

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