Nintendo does not plan to launch a more powerful version of its Switch “at the moment”

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Nintendo has no plans “at the moment” for the development and release of a third revision of Switch which, according to the leaks, would be more powerful. This has been confirmed by the technology company through one of its corporate Twitter accounts, where it has used a message thread to meet the information shared by ‘Bloomberg’ in which it is stated that its next hybrid, which will have an OLED screen but, on paper, it will offer a similar performance to the current model, it will allow the company increase your profit margin.

“A news item on July 15, 2021 (JST) stated that the profit margin of the Nintendo Switch (OLED model) would increase compared to the Nintendo Switch. To ensure the correct understanding of our investors and customers, we want to make it clear that the statement is incorrect, “said the company through the social network. After this, he has published another tweet in which he maintains that, at this moment, at Nintendo “we have no plans to launch any other model.”

It should be remembered that, in recent months, the leaks suggested that the next revision of Switch would have a more cutting-edge ‘hardware’. Specifically, the console was expected to offer 4K resolution when connected to television. However, with the official announcement of the system with OLED screen, which, in addition to the new 7-inch panel, incorporates an Ethernet port to improve the connection and a new adjustable bar on its back, it was clear that this technology would not be present in the system. .

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The OLED Switch, which will be the second revision that the Switch receives in its more than 4 years of life, comes after, in 2019, Nintendo put on the shelves of the stores the Lite version, which is completely portable and has a screen more reduced.

By 2023, the console will have more than 6 years of life and with a power much lower than that offered by current generation consoles: PlayStation 5 y Xbox Series X/S. Taking into account that, currently, the life cycle of a generation usually moves between 6 and 7 years, it is quite probable that, then, with its hybrid system having comfortably exceeded 100 million units sold, Nintendo will decide to launch a new system that offers higher performance.

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