Numi Simone Button-Up Blouse Editor Review


My favorite fashion discoveries are always the ones that come about unexpectedly—where I become completely enamored with a product I didn’t even know I needed in the first place. I’ll admit, as a shopping editor, I’m usually on top of the latest and greatest product trends, so it’s rare that anything surprises me too much these days. But when it does, it Always One such delight was recently when I was introduced to the Simone Numi Button-Up Blouse ($220)—a stain-resistant, sweat-resistant cover-up that aims to offer the same appeal of a classic office blouse without the limiting discomfort, fear of sweat stains. , or water damage

While I’ve never considered myself too jacket-heavy, I’ve always struggled to find breathable outerwear that doesn’t make me feel completely claustrophobic – thus leading to panicked sweats with the inevitable sweat stains (I’m So I am happy to reveal all this on the Internet!). But from the moment I heard about Numi’s magical blouses, I knew it was imperative that my sweaty, shed-prone self tried the brand’s bestseller. While Numi has no shortage of fashionistas and celebrity fans (Kelly Ripa swears by this Numi blouse!), the brand recently managed to win another mine. Keep reading to see how this sweat-wicking blouse has already replaced every other work top in my wardrobe.

What I love about this Numi blouse

Despite the seemingly anti-science technology, I appreciate that Simone’s Numi button-up blouse looks just like a blouse. The top is made from a sustainable silk material that is stain-resistant to water-based liquids, thanks to Bluesign-certified stain-resistant technology. When I first discovered the top, I was skeptical about whether the sweat shirt might look too stiff or rough. After all – how can any material be waterproof That Comfortable? Fortunately, all of my concerns about the shirt’s comfort quickly disappeared the first moment I put it on (as did any sweat or liquid residue on the actual shirt). Sure, the blouse looks super-breathable and sleek, but it achieves this without sacrificing comfort and style in the process.

What is worth noting

The retailer has a note on its website that the top is tighter on the sleeves. I’m usually a medium in tops and blouses, so I took a risk and ordered my regular size, even with the fit warning in mind. While the top fits comfortably, I can attest that the sleeves are certainly more comfortable than some of the other blouses in my closet. Personally, I don’t mind this – if anything, I actually appreciate it considering how notoriously large and large the large number of buttons are. That being said, if you’re someone who likes their tops to fit a little looser or just want more breathability in the sleeves, I’d definitely recommend ordering a size up to ensure optimal comfort.

Simon's anti-stain numi button down blouse

Who is this Numi blouse suitable for?

Whether you struggle with sweating (me!), are notoriously uncoordinated and prone to spilling water or other liquids on yourself (me too!), or just appreciate fashions that aim to keep you feeling And your freshness is in any environment. This top is seriously perfect for you. Compared to some of the other luxury blouses on the market right now, the Simon Button Up Blouse by Numi is definitely on the premium side. But it’s also a worthwhile investment piece that’s so comfortable, stylish and effective, I’m sure it’ll stay in everyone’s wardrobe for years to come.

Where is the Numi stain-resistant blouse available?

Simone’s button down blouse is available for purchase exclusively at Numi.

more details

  • The Simone Numi button-down blouse is available in US women’s sizes XS to 1X.
  • While the shirt is made from a unique silk technology, it’s also machine washable, so users can easily throw it in with the rest of their clothes at home without the hassle of dry cleaning.
  • The anti-sweat blouse is available in four colors: black, cobalt blue, pastel pink and white.


Image credit: POPSUGAR Photography / Kylie Warren

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