One year after the start of the pandemic, what have we learned in education?

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The situation experienced in the educational world in the last year has been a good opportunity to promote values ​​and activities in children that help them develop the attitude and habits of a self-taught student. The confinement and the emergence of online classes have valued learning methods that seek to improve students’ abilities (attention, concentration), but above all responsibility and autonomy.

For the Kumon network of schools, 2020 has been an opportunity for children to be better students. «For all parents, it should be a priority that their children can develop their intellectual capacity to the maximum, wherever they are and, above all, that they learn to do it not because they are forced to do so at school, but because of the responsibility to get the best out of themselves», Points out Maribel Martín de Rosales, director of Development and Public Relations at Kumon.

Being self-taught is the personal mark that Kumon bets on. Therefore, in order for the student to learn by himself, instead of explaining the exercises when he needs help, the counselor points out the examples and brief clues that appear in the material so that he can only deduce the answer. «In this way», adds Maribel, «the student learns to develop their ability to solve exercises, to learn by himself no longer depend on external explanations, but to rely on their internal reasoning.

Individualized online classes

This same philosophy has been carried over to online classes. The Kumon teachers in each of the centers have put technology at the service of their guidance work to serve their students exactly as in the classroom, thanks to online “face-to-face” classes. Unlike online digital tools, the Kumon system allows the teacher to be close to the student to observe him attentively, see his posture and work rhythm.

«In this way», Maribel points out, «if we see the student work we can get to know him better, try to put ourselves in his place to discover how he thinks, the procedures he applies and above all see and feel his emotions, fundamental aspects to personalize his strategies and what each student manages to get the best out of himself.

Another positive aspect that the pandemic has left is that families have learned much more about their children’s education., have been more aware and involved than ever. “At Kumon we know that the role of parents is fundamental and, above all, when it comes to acquiring values ​​and skills to be better students”, concludes the Director of Development and Public Relations of Kumon Spain.

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