«Our children learn civics, teamwork …»

Carlota FominayaCarlota Fominaya




Since this past Monday at the Sánchez Jiménez house there are online classes at all levels, from the University where the oldest attends to second year of Primary, where the little one goes. «It is true that these days they are not making progress in matters, but I have no feeling that they are learning less, if anything, other kinds of things, “says Pablo, the father.

“Perhaps the change that education needs is accelerating, more aimed at knowing how to handle the tools they need today to work. They are also learning to think: they have seen that when they come badly (either due to a pandemic or the snow) they can continue doing things and contributing, in this case, to go down to clean the neighborhood clinic, the portal of some older neighbors … ”, says this man, director of Business Development at www.alcandora.com.

«Both Elena (the mother) and I think that our children are learning civics, education, teamwork … It’s different, yes, but you have to adapt a bit. What else would be better? Undoubtedly. But they will learn. They are fifteen years of school, four of career, two or three masters … In the end they will have plenty of time to learn. This family time is worth more», He concludes.

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