Pediatricians defend the importance of vaccinating children and adolescents to control Covid

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In 1944, the year Clara was born, the smallpox vaccine became mandatory. In 1979, thanks to this mass immunization process, this disease was eradicated. She is one of the six characters who star in the campaign ‘Vaccines comply’, an initiative of the Spanish Association of Pediatrics (AEP) that reviews the main milestones of vaccination to reinforce the confidence of the Spanish population in the «Effectiveness and safety» of these instruments and combat the hoaxes that arise around them.

«In the last decades they have fulfilled their mission and have saved nearly three million lives and today they are in fashion, everyone is talking about vaccines and it is the ideal time to reinforce public confidence in them ”, explained this Tuesday María José Mellado, president of the AEP, in the presentation of the campaign.

‘Vaccines comply’ is an informative campaign whose purpose is to provide “reliable” information on the need to maintain vaccination coverage of the population, mainly children, as “a first line of defense against infectious diseases, many of them communicable” , he added, aware that the «Battle never ends, because new pathogens appear, as we have seen with Covid-19, and we need new vaccines.

In relation to the current situation of the pandemic, the AEP considers the effectiveness of the injection of Pfizer in adolescents and adolescents to be statistically significant. defendsn the importance of vaccinating children and adolescents, given that, once the adult population is vaccinated “it will be the remaining susceptible population and the virus will be able to continue circulating,” they point out in statements collected by Servimedia.

Pediatricians admit that at the beginning of the crisis there was a “decrease” in child vaccination coverage due to a “certain fear of families” to go to a health center and the losses that the infection caused among professionals, but in the actuality they are already “at the same levels as in 2019”.

A success story

For his part, Dr. Francisco Álvarez, coordinator of the Vaccine Advisory Committee of the AEP, detailed the journey that the campaign makes through the history of immunization in our country, relating it to «Milestones» such as the introduction, in 1975, of the first childhood vaccination schedule for the entire population. This trip can be found on the web through six one-minute videos with biographies of members of different generations of the same family that allow you to review this story with a “very simple and very natural” language.

Although our calendar is “very good”, Álvarez acknowledged that there are still challenges to make it “excellent”: introduce in the calendar lRotavirus vaccines in infants, meningococcal B in infants, tetravalent meningococcus at 12 months, Human Papillomavirus in males and pertussis in adolescents.

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