Phil Foden, the heart of Manchester City

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The jeque Mansour bin Zayed acquired the Manchester City in 2008 with the desire to reign in English football and the great challenge of raising a Champions League, the trophy that had begun to haunt his head years before he spent 250 million euros to become the owner of the club. About to celebrate its fifth Premier League, the domestic goal with which he landed is already more than satisfied, but the European dream continues to resist him, although this season he sees it closer than ever because the team that Guardiola trains faces today (9:00 p.m., Movistar Champions League) the return of the semifinals against PSG with an advantage (1-2). The Arab billionaire caresses his long-awaited end after a gigantic expenditure of almost 2,000 million to sign many of the best footballers on the planet and in the current squad, Phil Foden, a young man with the face of a rogue child, remember that this club, in addition to money, a lot, also has a quarry, and good. The midfielder grew up in it, gains weight in the team and has become one of the great hopes of the national team.

Born 20 years ago in Stockport, ten kilometers from Manchester, Phil Foden is the heart of City And not only because of his tireless running around on the pitch, if the sheikh’s desire was to be an owner, the midfielder’s desire was since he was a child to be able to play for the team that he was unconditionally despite growing up in a family divided by football. With his father and brother donning the red United scarf in derby days, he and his mother never gave up on the other team’s blue in town.

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Interestingly, the same year that Mansour bin Zayed greeted for the first time from the box, Foden He entered the club’s academy without thinking that one day he could deliver a Champions League to the new owner of the team, who some nights would take away the desire to have dinner due to his defeats. Pure passion for soccer. During his childhood it was common to see him as a ball boy on match days and in 2012 he lived in the front row the goal with which Omen initialed before Queens the conquest of the first Premier in the era of the sheikh. That Argentine who dazzled him with his dribbles is now his partner in the locker room.

Fireproof footballer, with a fantastic ball handling and quick mind when making decisions, Foden saw his childhood dream come true when debut on December 16, 2017 against Tottenham, although it was difficult for him to find continuity in Guardiola’s calls. The coach dosed the appearances of a player that each season has grown in minutes and that this season has finished exploding. He already has 36 games and a dozen goals, three more than in the previous year. Today he will once again be a threat to the defense of PSG

Despite the flattering and patting on the back, Foden has not lost perspective or forgotten his past. For this reason, his shirt still shows 47, the number he chose for his premiere game and which he does not renounce because his grandfather, a person to whom he was especially attached, died at that age. A versatile footballer who loses his heart when he steps on rival areas. “He can play in the middle, winger or in a false position of nine up front,” he answers. Guardiola usually when asked about the versatility of a footballer who has already accumulated a dozen titles with City. His dream continues now with the Champions between the eyes.

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Having already lifted the League Cup and being very close to conquering the Premier League, the Manchetser City He would be just two games away from winning a historic treble, something he already achieved in 2019, although on that occasion he did not lift the highest trophy at the continental level.

PSGFor his part, he faces the appointment with the hope of recovering the best level exhibited in this home competition, with victories to remember in Munich and Barcelona. If the Parisians are at that height it will be difficult for them to stay out of the final. One of the best games of the moment in Europe is played this Tuesday with the first ticket at stake for the final.

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