Pilar Rubio goes to the blond and her new image goes viral


Marta Benayas Alamos



New year, new image. That is what Pilar Rubio must have thought to give the entrance to 2022 and surprise her more than 7 million followers with her renewed look at the stroke of a publication on Instagram. Against all odds, the presenter has abandoned her usual chocolate brown to bet on a new shade that defies all prevailing trends, which affirm that browns will be the most requested shades in hairdressers for the coming months.

“New year, new color. Now I am going to match my last name ». With these words she accompanied the image in which she proudly showed her brand new color and which already exceeds 800,000 ‘likes’. In the photo caption it also says that it is a shade called ‘dark vainilla’ that has been the work of the stylist Mary Roberts, beauty salon owner Studio25, where the transformation has taken place.

According to Roberts, it is a very suitable tone for brunettes who want to bet on a Renewed coloring without showing too much change and with which the hair is prevented from suffering too much during the process. He adds that, in his case, they have used a vanilla and hazelnut color with a dark root effect, and they have accompanied it with a hydration and shine treatment with which to enhance the nuances.

“This color in two tones (from the most luminous and white to the most golden) has been applied to the entire contour of the hair and in the internal areas it has darkness, a chocolate brown, so that it does not completely abandon its identity or be something very drastic and at the root the same so as not to lose the strength that intensifies his gaze».

Indeed, one of the key points of Pilar’s look is that being halfway between blonde and brown, it softens the features while highlighting them. In addition, not having the base too light does not require very demanding maintenance as would happen with other more intense colorations. As far as the cut is concerned, he has kept his long hair with some layers from the middle to the ends with which he has given it extra movement and also allows it to be molded more easily as it is more discharged.

On the other hand, this new look opens up a range of possibilities when playing with the color palette As for makeup and clothes. In your case, both coppery and pastel tones would be very suitable to create harmony and make it look more favored. Now we just have to wait to find out what the way her new hair will look like.

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