Piqué’s gesture with a message in the official Barcelona photo



The Barcelona The official photo of the season in which it already appears has been made this Tuesday Joan Laporta as the new president. The manager poses with the entire staff in an image that has attracted attention for several details.

The first is the artificial presence of Coutinho, which has been added digitally as he is in Brazil recovering from his last injury.

The lost gaze of Ousmane Dembele, the only one of all who does not look at the camera at the time of photography, has also been highlighted.

But, above all, social networks have fumed with the gesture of Gerard Piqué. The central, one of the captains, appears in the foreground next to Leo messi, making a gesture with the hands that contrasts with the position adopted by the rest of the seated players, with both hands resting on the knees.

The gesture takes on greater significance when it is discovered that the same gesture was performed Neymar in the official photo of the 2013-2014 season. Many have speculated that it is a new nod from Piqué to the Brazilian winger.

Through the networks, several users have warned that this gesture was also made in his day Ronaldinho, also in an official photo.

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