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The multifaceted Mar Saura -model, presenter, actress and instagramer- debuts as a businesswoman with her own beauty firm. At 45 years old, the Catalan is in a sweet moment of her life, triumphing in Mexico where she has become a real star- this month she stars on the covers of Vogue, Squire and Marie Claire in the country-, and on the doorstep of releasing the film «A family portrait», by Adrian Zurita. He has also written, directed and starred in more than a dozen advertising campaigns in Latin America and is the image of GNP, the main insurer in Mexico. But, as if it were a new mother, her face lights up when she talks about her newborn. “I do not lend my image as I have done on some occasions, this is 100% my project, and it has not been an easy” gestation “, but it has been worth it”, he tells ABC. “As if it were a baby, first I dreamed it, then I looked for it – and it was very long and tiring – and finally it has a face and eyes,” he says. She is not concerned that they think she is another celebrity who ventures to launch one more brand. “I jumped into the pool head first, opened a hole and continued down,” he laughs. But she gets serious when she says that she has worked hard to get her cosmetics forward. “They have been many hours of dedication, and work, I assure you.” It all started because she has very sensitive skin, really complicated, and she couldn’t find cosmetics that wouldn’t saturate her skin, “that wouldn’t turn it off instead of giving me luminosity.”

Two years ago he decided to create them, et voilá. «Ocean by Mar Saura» -his daughter Claudia had the idea of ​​the name – it is made up of 6 products that make up the pillars that healthy skin needs. «My philosophy is ‘good aging, well aging’. We have managed to formulate smart active ingredients that the skin recognizes as its own, that work for 24 hours, and that know the chronology of our skin, and spend a few hours feeding it, others to detoxify it – very necessary in these moments when we are 24 hours connected – and others to regenerate it, the key word for me », he indicates. For them to apply correctly you have created a clever way to indicate it: on the back of each container you can see a huge letter of those that make up the word OCEAN, which indicates the order of application of this product in the beauty routine. Thus, O is Micellar Water (“It is not satisfied with dragging dirt from the face, eyes and mouth, it is also a skin activator”), C is a Micro D Peeling (“it has mother-of-pearl and diamond dust and exfoliates without “scratching” the skin “), E is RRT Serum (the acronym indicates that it is firming, redensifying and tightening), A is Collagen Activating Cream (” of collagen 3 that is the most important “), and N is the Eye and Lip Contour (“it contains, among other ingredients, vitamin K and arnica to reduce the purple color of dark circles by up to two tones”).

The “By Mar Saura” tag of the name appears on the Immediate Flash Beauty ampoules (“they have 24-karat gold particles”), because they are not part of the daily routine “although I apply them every day, and I they leave the skin full of light », he confesses. For obvious reasons, his first requirement was that the intolerance be practically zero, and he has achieved this thanks to a biologically pure water, which does not contribute harmful microorganisms or pathogens to our skin, and does not alter it. It is vegan and eco-friendly cosmetics (“that was non-negotiable, nowadays it should not be otherwise”) but made with biotechnology, and by the hand of dermatologists. And their prices are within what he calls “affordable luxury”: the 6 products, € 208.

What changes have you noticed in your skin since using it? «I have it much better than when I was younger. Very healthy, and almost from the first day, “he says. «Another of my illusions was to develop psycho-cosmetics, that is to say that it aroused positive emotions. That is why I have worked to make it smell good, enter through the eyes – some of the packages bear his image – or have inspiring messages such as ‘Follow your instinct’ ». It is unisex – «although the packaging is a bit feminine, Javier (Revolt) my husband steals them from me »- and for all ages -« from my daughter Claudia, at the age of 15, the curiosity to take care of herself is beginning to pique her, although it is still almost a game for her ».

Beyond cosmetics, Saura’s impressive physique had to have a “trick” and he confesses that he is a great fan of Indiba, a very regenerating diathermy. No filler has infiltrated Until now “although I am not against it, at the moment I have simply not seen the need”. She has been doing gymnastics with weights 3 days a week since she was very young (“the muscle has a memory and, although sometimes it abandons it, it remembers the time I have devoted to it, which is why I have recovered so quickly from my pregnancies”), and massage every week with a physio, from the big toe to the scalp. And you have one of those privileged organisms that has never needed to diet. «Do you know what I have incorporated in this moment of my life? The meditation. I have started very recently and it is doing me wonderfully.

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