Queen and Soldier explode against Echenique: «Miserable»

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The rally he organized Vox in Vallecas this Wednesday will continue to give a lot to talk about. The disturbances caused during the event have generated all kinds of reactions and two Spanish soccer players, Roberto Soldado and Pepe Reina, They have not been left out of what happened. In both cases, your comment came from a message from Pablo Echenique, Secretary of organization of United We Can and spokesman for the purple party.

The message, published on his Twitter account, reads as follows: «Today some posh people have gone to Vallecas to try to provoke the neighbors with bravado. They have peacefully reminded them of how little love their boss has for work and he has come after them to cause a burden. Tomorrow the TVs will lie to you and tell you it was the other way around ».

A tweet that has outraged a part of the users, who have reproached him for the episodes of violence that occurred in the Madrid neighborhood. In the case of Reina, who currently plays for Lazio, his message was as follows: «Miserable !!! Soon the story will end … PEACEFULLY and at the polls !! ». Soldier, Granada forward, was just as forceful: «Here the only one who provokes and tells lies is you, MISERABLE !!!».

Both Reina and Soldado are habitual in this type of controversy, having previously shown their opinion on some topic related to politics. Something that, on the other hand, is not very common among footballers.

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