Rania from Jordan and Jill Biden coincide in their commitment to the monocolor look




Rania of Jordan and Jill Biden they competed in elegance at their meeting at the White House, in Washington, where they agreed on the choice of a monochrome look. The Jordanian sovereign, in a red shirt dress adorned with a large black belt; the first American lady, in a white suit with a matching dress and jacket, also with a belt, although thinner and of the same tone.

Jill Biden showed Rania the White House. – Gtres

Rania of Jordan was there with her husband, King Abdullah II, and their son Hussein, on an official visit to meet President Joe Biden.

Jill Biden and Rania of Jordan at the White House.
Jill Biden and Rania of Jordan at the White House. – Gtres

For the occasion, she decided to return to her more feminine looks with a red shirt dress from the Lebanese brand Bazaza. He accompanied it with a wide black leather belt and bronze pumps with a metallic effect, both made of Manolo Blahnik; a fine diamond pendant and the flowing hair with waves.

In the case of Jill Biden’s look, the most striking detail were the shoes, some undercut pumps with a flower print and bow on one side signed by Christian Dior.

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