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Italy It is one of the most tourist destinations internationally, since it is difficult not to fall for its monuments, beaches and landscapes, as well as its historical and artistic wealth. There are many and varied reasons to travel to the Mediterranean country. Therefore, here we tell you the requirements for travel to Italy from Spain.

The Italian Government has extended the state of emergency throughout the national territory until December 31, 2021. Thus, according to the new Ordinance of June 18, 2021 of the Italian Ministry of Health, in force until 07/30/2021, people from Spain who wish to enter in Italian territory must provide the complete vaccination certificate, issued at least 14 days in advance, that of quarantine healing over or present a negative result carried out in the 48 hours prior to entering Italian territory. However, those under 6 years of age will be exempt from the Covid test.

In addition, there are other conditions that Spaniards have to meet so that entry into the country can be done without problems. From May 24, 2021, all tourists traveling to Italy, by air, sea or road, regardless of the length of their stay, must fill in a sanitary control form. It can be done through the website or in the mobile application. Once registered you will receive a QR code to teach on boarding.

Requirements to travel to Italy

It is important to remember that Ministry of Health has established restrictive measures in the regions of Italy, based on their epidemiological situation, classified into zones (white, yellow, orange and red).

Thus, to prevent the spread of the pathogen, from August 6, the ‘EU Digital Covid certificate’ will be required to access the interior of restaurants, cultural events, as well as sports. In addition to museums, exhibitions, cultural centers and other activities in closed public spaces.

For those who do not use the certificate in the places where it is mandatory, the penalty will be 400 euros, reduced to 260 if the fine is paid within the fifth day.

Currently, the regions that are in white zone they have freedom of movement. In addition, the hotel business is open, although with some limitations regarding capacity. In addition, shops and shopping centers are open, as well as theaters, cinemas and museums, with capacity limitations and prior reservation in some cases.

In Italy, movements of people are limited from 00:00 to 05:00, salvo in the regions classified as white or yellow zone.

There is an obligation to use the mask, both indoors and outdoors, in general.

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