Sam Edelman Circus Janis Sandal I Editor Review


Hello, hello, and welcome to my last episode of “Things I Found in Walmart and I’m * Obsessed With *.” To be honest, my list of favorite retailers and accessories is growing rapidly. I recently bought a crochet skirt set that has a luxurious look and an original summer handbag. My latest finding? Sam Edelman’s Janice Sandel Circus ($ 53, originally $ 85), which I was thrilled to sell for over $ 30 at retail. I’m glad to see that my original size is 9.5, so I quickly added them to my cart – see my honest review ahead.

What I like about these sandals

At this point in my life, I’m not the one who spends a lot of money on shoes, especially since I’m prone to big stains and scratches after a night out. With that said, I’m constantly on a mission to find stylish pieces that do not get in trouble (while being kind to my feet as well). I was immediately attracted to this tangled pair – they are certainly fashionable, but I could dress myself up next summer. My favorite thing about them is the color. Just like, saw, Everyone, I’m not fed up with supersaturated clothes and accessories right now.

Most importantly, they are very comfortable thanks to their cushion insole. I still haven’t worn them from morning till night, but my legs were perfectly fine after a night out – and we all know that says so. Did I mention that almost everyone in my group of friends asks where they are from?

What is worth noting

These sandals have not yet been reviewed on the Walmart website, but after doing some internet research, I came up with some important details that are noteworthy. First, some people find the design slim, in which case they recommend increasing the size by half.

What I did not notice before buying these sandals is that they are also available in black ($ 46, $ 69 original) and pink confetti ($ 46, originally $ 69), both of which are sold separately from the orange pair. TBH, I would probably go with the same color, but it is good to consider before your possible purchase.

Who are these sandals suitable for?

These sandals are the best for fashion lovers who want quality shoes that do not cost much. I think if you are someone like me who wants colorful shoes but do not want to spend more than $ 100 per pair, they are a great buy.

As for styling them, I think they are a great final color for almost any summer outfit, maybe a pair of jeans and a short top or a dress, if you are a little more stylish. They are too Such If you are looking for an amazing shoe for the upcoming holidays, it is a beautiful choice.

more details

  • These sandals are in sizes 5.5 to 11.
  • They have a sturdy, one-inch block heel.
  • A three-dimensional “C” detail is embossed on the outside of the heel in both the right and left shoes.


Image source: POPSUGAR Photography / Marisa Petrarca

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