Sander Sagosen, the King of the North who threatens Spain

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Spain is measured today in the quarterfinals of the World Cup in Egypt Norway (8.30pm. TDP), whose main threat is called Sander SagosenHe is 25 years old, almost two meters (1.95) tall and the best player in the world. We talk about the second highest scorer of the tournament with 50 targets, and at the same time, of the maximum assistant; a center-back who also acts as a winger and who takes center stage, not only in attack, but also in defense, as evidenced by his status as a player with the most exclusions from his team. Four Hispanics already suffered a month ago, when the Kiel, his current club, won the Champions against Barcelona. Sagosen left PSG last summer after three seasons and in just a few months in Germany he won the title he was looking for: “I have dreamed of this since I was five years old,” he said. His objective then became to bring great triumphs to his team.

Sagosen’s relationship with the sport, although he is currently a handball star, began with the ball at his feet. It was in the soccer where his athletic conditions stood out first, no matter how much handball ran in the family. His father, Erlend Sagosen, was the goalkeeper of the Norwegian national team in fourteen international matches. That is why when his son ended up opting for handball, he was the one who demanded the most: “If you say you want to become the best in the world one day you have to work very hard and not waste time with the PlayStation. That will get you nowhere, ”he told her. Years passed and that advice paid off. “Why participate in something if you don’t want to be the best?” He would repeat to himself.

A precocious talent

It was during his teenage years that he began to attract the attention of scouts, leaving his native country in 2014 to play for Aalborg in Denmark. “He is the player with the most future”, he would presage Xavi Pascual in 2015. Later he would jump to PSG and it would not take long for him to become the leader of his team, with which he has made the ideal team in the last five big events. In fact, he was the top scorer of the 2020 European Championship (65 goals). Last summer he left Paris and headed to the Bundesliga – Barcelona was also interested in his signing – in what was one of the most interesting transfers in handball.

Possessing a prominent physique, many refer to him as a total player, something that is reflected in his shooting and passing stats. They do not hesitate to compare him with Nikola Karabatic, Sagosen idol and best player in the world in the last decade. Both exude a talent and a competitive character that scares their rivals. He’s the one behind most things. Manage the equipment. He’s a really good player, “he said. Christian Berge, the Norwegian coach. The star arrives at the appointment, yes, with an exaggerated number of minutes on the track, with more than four hours of play, almost one more than the most demanded Spanish player, the winger Ángel Fernández.

Nicknamed as “The King of the North” in his country, Sagosen occupies a privileged place in the national sport. “He is one of the most brilliant athletes we have, at the level of Odegaard, Haaland and a few others,” the Norwegian journalist told this newspaper. Joachim Baardsen. Without forgetting, of course, the interest that handball arouses in the country, where the final of the last World Cup brought together more than a million people in front of the television, increasing the audience significantly. That day, Sagosen and company lost to Denmark. This afternoon, before Hispanics, will try to lead his team again in a match that has been choking Norway for too long: Spain has 18 consecutive victories over Norway in the World Cup. They haven’t won since 1997.

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