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Just as no two people are the same, neither are there two identical dressing rooms, and there is no doubt that clothing is one of the most powerful non-verbal means of communication that exists. Leaving aside the aesthetic factor, functionality is key so that adapt to lifestyle of who carries it, and that is why the range of possibilities is reduced depending on the requirements of each one.

With the change of climate that spring brings, the moment most feared for a great majority arrives: the wardrobe change, which not only means putting the garments in order and deciding what is going to be kept and what is going to be given or donated, but also a renewal with the occasional new season garment.

In these times, in which trends are created faster than they can be consumed, to find the best option, it is convenient analyze the use that is going to be given more than if it is fully topical. A filter that facilitates work when choosing is personality and lifestyle, and on that precisely we base the analysis so that there is no margin of error. The nature lover, the one who is in a hurry, the unpredictable … There is a garment or a style of clothing for every woman.

The one that does not miss any plan

You are aiming for a blitz, be it an excursion, an impromptu dinner or a quieter plan, so your styling should be comfortable and adapt to any situation. In this case midi skirts are very helpful, easy to combine with both sneakers and stilettos or espadrilles. Pastel colors and satin finishes dominate this season and bring a touch of light to the look with little effort.

The one that runs everywhere

The day does not have enough hours for you to do everything you have in mind, so comfort must prevail, but always with a touch of elegance and trend. In this case, footwear is especially important, which is why at the present time when ‘athleisure’ allows you to wear sports shoes at all hours, good sneakers are the perfect complement. The light classic designs in shades of white together with those that are somewhat rougher with an air chamber are the two predominant bets that cannot be missed.


Before, I barely had a pair of leggings in my closet and now it can’t be separated from either sweatshirts or leggings. He likes to combine them with more formal options such as blazers or shirts to achieve groundbreaking looks with which he can easily meet for lunch after the gym. In this case cycling tights -that garment as loved as it is risky- they are a very successful alternative, especially if it leaves the classic black and innovates with a lighter or more powerful color such as a peach or bubblegum pink.

All terrain

She is a born adventurer and although her looks seem improvised, the truth is that they are the result of a meticulous study in which every detail counts. In your wardrobe there is the same percentage of formal and sports-style garments, so it is crucial to have alternatives that fit both to finish the sets. The stellar garment in this type of dressing room is the raincoat, very appropriate for halftime and effective when giving a sophisticated brushstroke to even the most rebellious outfits.

Nature lover

Your perfect leisure plan always involves a rural setting, whether in the mountains, on the beach or in the countryside. That is why the predominant colors in your closet are earth, greens, cauldron and mustards. But as normally this profile tends to be quite presumptuous, the small details become very important; from an embroidery to a strategically placed jewel. For all of them a vest with personality cannot be missing that revitalizes the basics and some cowboy boots, perfect for any unforeseen event.

‘Business woman’

Teleworking does not go with her, and if her office is at home, she does not give up wearing a suit or wearing a good jacket. But far from her wardrobe being boring, she likes to experiment with cuts, fabrics and colors; that is why its essential must be a nice jacket with a pattern that in addition to highlighting the figure, add an extra sophistication to the look. Currently, affordable brands such as Zara, Uterqüe or & Other Stories offer a very wide range designed to combine with jeans, dresses or in a total look version so that not one iota of good taste is lost.

The ‘afterwork’ fanatic

He loves to go to bars, but does not settle for just anyone, the cooler and more flashy, the better. Hence, their outfits are as elaborate as they are elegant. A black minidress is a safe bet that in addition to stylizing the silhouette, it is renewed again and again thanks to the accessories. This season those with necklines in the back, asymmetries and unexpected cuts stand out; the more daring the better.

In love with vintage

No matter what he is going to do, all his outfits exude a retro air that leaves its mark. The style icons on this profile in addition to Audrey Hepburn, Ava Gadner and other stars of yesteryear include characters from Jane Austen’s romance novels. The result? Sets full of romance with a sensual touch where flower dresses become the main choice. A garment that this spring is presented with Bardot necklines, puffed sleeves, midi lengths and fitted silhouettes at the top.

Be that as it may, there is no doubt that each of these seasonal options always needs to be added a personal touch to make them completely special.

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