Sergio Ramos, another morbid substitution


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The love relationship of Sergio Ramos With the national team he entered a new stage yesterday whose significance is now impossible to gauge. Never before, in sixteen years as an international, had he been on the bench in two consecutive games without justifying cause. Yesterday, after not playing for a minute against Georgia, he entered the La Cartuja lawn with only five minutes to go and with the game already decided. He has fattened his record and has already added 180 international matches, but the feeling remains that something has happened during this concentration. «It is always important to add games and achieve the objective, which was to add these three points. Whether it’s one minute, one game, half time … that’s not my decision, it’s the coach’s decision, “said Ramos himself on Spanish Television as soon as the match ended.

His absence in the eleven before Kosovo It was a major surprise. It was taken for granted that he would be from the game in Seville, his home. But no. At the time of making the eleven public, his name did not appear. “It is a technical decision. Today it is his turn not to play, he has no problem ”, tried to explain Jesús Casas, second to Luis Enrique. The same argument given by the coach after Sunday’s agonizing victory.

If this is true, if it is not one more “little lie” of those that Luis Enrique says to release at press conferences, Eric García, a 20-year-old boy who this year has barely played 200 minutes in the Premier with Guardiola’s Manchester City, has taken the lead over the captain.

Luis Enrique could have shielded himself in the recent operation of the Real Madrid defender, in the few minutes of play that he treasured before joining the concentration of Spain or in the blow he suffered against Atalanta that left him without playing against Celta. But his stubbornness to separate the substitution with some other kind of problem highlights the change in trend.

Ramos leaves this March call-up with two more caps than when he arrived, but with just 50 minutes played in three official matches. And always, it is convenient to insist on this, without having any evidence of any problem that has prevented him from playing more, despite the fact that the player was not as clear as his coach: «Little by little I am finding my rhythm after a major injury. The coach was quite clear. Everything that is said about me is taken out of context. The reality is one. When I have to play as a starter it will be with joy and if it is like today, the same ».

Having her on camera was not wasted the opportunity to ask her about her future. Without success, yes: «I was already clear about my future. There is no news. I’m focused. In a week we will play almost the season and I want to play and contribute my best level. Hopefully we get good results. Hopefully we can give the level we want. I am focused on playing well and giving my best version. The issue of the future is something that is separate. When there is news I will communicate it but right now there is nothing ».

The Gerard case

Ramos’ was not the only surprising substitution. Nor did he enter the eleven Gerard Moreno, another one of the sure bets that went to the fret. Luis Enrique, who arrived late to the stadium after being locked in the hotel elevator with part of his coaching staff, decided to use Morata again in the most advanced position. Gerard came to the call of Spain between cottons after being injured in the last Villarreal game. Still, it was decided to continue without calling a replacement. Gerard was left out of the first two games. His 25-minute participation ended with a goal.

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