Seven key trends that cannot be missing in the summer wardrobe

Marta Benayas Alamos



Although the vast majority have been doing the wardrobe change, With the arrival of summer, you want to renew it with the incorporation of some garment that serves to give it a facelift and update it. In addition, during the coming months, both vacations and weekend getaways invite you to configure aided looks with which to look elegant without too many complications. Create a versatile dressing room it’s a matter of balance, specifically, according to the experts, of 70% of timeless basics that are easy to combine and 30% of garments in trend that add a touch of modernity.

The key question to amortize the next acquisitions to the maximum is what is taking this season, so it is convenient to analyze both the proposals of the firms and the ‘street style’.

And vintage airs With flowers, sheer fabrics and volumes they took over the spring collections, for the summer we are seeing two very marked trends that complement each other perfectly. On the one hand, eighties tints, with garments in neon tones, mini silhouettes, shiny fabrics and overlays; and on the other, the 90s minimalism, with clean cuts, a color palette based on neutrals in which simplicity prevails with some detail -such as an embroidery or appliqué- that makes a difference. If we had to choose the ones that offer the most possibilities to be worn both during the day and at night, we would find the seven that we refer to below.

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1. Crochet y raffia

Crochet and raffia, they never fail
Crochet and raffia, they never fail – © Sometimes

Two of the essentials every summer are reinvented this season with a wider color gamut than the usual earth tones. With regard to raffia, it comes in lighter versions and not only in baskets and espadrilles, but also in handbags, necklaces or even details on dresses, especially on sleeves, waists or pockets. Crochet is seen both in dresses and blouses and, unlike other summers, the flecos XXL that reach almost to the ground.

2. Fluorine

Footwear collection by María Fernández-Rubíes for Genuins
Footwear collection by María Fernández-Rubíes for Genuins

One of the favorite colors to highlight the tan is loaded with power. In a ‘total look’ version for the most daring and in small doses if you want to finish off any style. The pinks, greens and oranges they take center stage while yellows and purples lose relevance. They are worn both with monochrome looks and with garments that a priori can be more classic for this type of details such as floral dresses or romantic blouses (and of course, in swimsuits).

3. Aires ‘boho’

Flowing dresses are a must
Flowing dresses are a must – © Instagram: @honeydressing

Kaftans, oversize dresses, XXL shirts … It is time to bet on those garments that subtly mark the silhouette and that give a casual air to the outfits. Ruffles, flared sleeves, V-necklines … All with prints ranging from flores Liberty to the ethnic prints and sixties.

4. Asymmetries and openings

Two very seen trends day and night
Two very seen trends day and night – © Instagram: @giorgiatordini / @galagonzalez

As if taken from a parade Versace In the case, the dresses fit the body with fluid fabrics that present some transparency. Halter necklines are worn, asymmetrical to one shoulder and strategic openings in both the waist and the leg in XXL format. Many of the designs incorporate eighties details such as washers or small ruffles and bows that add a more sophisticated touch.

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5. Straight cuts

Straight cuts triumph in swimwear
Straight cuts triumph in swimwear – © Instagram: @belenhostalet

In contrast, we find the most minimalist trend for summer in which the main colors are white, black and beige. The garments with boat neck, box neckline and everything that implies that the patterns are simple and without toppings they are a sure hit. For those who have doubts, there is nothing like thinking about the clothes that were most worn in the nineties and replicating them.

6. Track soles

Sandals become thick and XXL
Sandals become thick and XXL – © Instagram: @pernilleteisbaek

If in winter boots and ankle boots were presented with this type of sole, in summer, too. Now the classic ‘flip-flops’ come with XXL platforms and the simpler sandals give way to rough models with velcro, buckles and padded finishes. In this case, the philosophy of “the more the better” is the favorite.

7. Beads and rhinestones

The rhinestones, if it is in bright colors, the better
The rhinestones, if it is in bright colors, the better – © Instagram: @chiaraferragni

Necklaces with shells and stones related to the marine world have always enjoyed a lot of popularity, but now it would be necessary to look back at the time of the Spice Girls where necklaces with colored beads are made with care -the more powerful, the better- that include glitters or details such as initials, stars or hearts (and that are reminiscent of the ‘do it yourself’ formats that gave free rein to creativity) . They are combined with hairpins also in strong tones and alternated with other more minimalist ones with which they create a contrast.

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