Seven out of ten workers believe that being vaccinated will make their job search easier





Seven out of ten Spanish workers, specifically 69.8%, believe that their employment opportunities will improve after being vaccinated against Covid, the highest percentage in Europeaccording to a Randstad study conducted from more than 13,500 surveys of employed professionals in 33 countries. This rate is 20.7 percentage points higher than the European average (49.1%), 14 to the world average (55.8%) and is located ahead of neighboring countries such as France (33.5%), Italy or Portugal (both with 59.1%).

“This study points out what we at Randstad Research have been verifying for months from both companies and workers: the labor market needs stability and recovery, and vaccination is synonymous with it. Until the long-awaited herd immunity is produced, it is advisable to continue with a teleworking model, even if it is a mixed one, a solution widely established in our country ”, says Valentín Bote, director of Randstad Research.

The study of the human resources company also reveals that 63.5% of Spanish professionals prefer to work remotely until herd immunity occurs. This percentage is well above the European average (45.1%) and the global average (51.1%), to the point of only being surpassed by Turkey (66.6%) within the Old Continent. However, the desire of the workers often collides with the objectives of the employers. 70.3% of Spanish professionals say that in their company they have been required to be present at the job, a rate higher than the European average (65.5%) and the world average (64.8%).

In fact, Spain is among the countries that demand the most presence in Europe, only behind Turkey (84.1%), Romania (74.4%) and Hungary (71%), and well ahead of countries such as Portugal (56.3%), Greece (53.9%) or Netherlands (50.9%).

A mixed model

The solution is, according to Randstad, to bet on a mixed model. The report shows that 54.5% of Spaniards can combine teleworking and job performance. The percentage of professionals who perform this type of work in Spain is higher than the European average (47.8%) and that of the group of countries at an international level (53.5%). Our country is ahead of France (50.3%), Italy (54.3%), Portugal (47.1%) or Germany (47.8%), but behind the United Kingdom (56.1% ).

exist significant differences in our country between professionals who combine teleworking and face-to-face employment according to their gender and age. 57% of male professionals work with a mixed model compared to 52% of women.

With regard to age, the youngest are the ones who most carry out their work under a mixed model. 62.5% of those under 25 years of age claim to work in this way, followed by 58.5% of professionals between 25 and 45. For their part, only 47.1% of those over 45 claim to combine your home and your workplace.

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