Seven pazos in Galicia where the best camellias in the world bloom

Paloma SantamariaPaloma Santamaria



From the end of December to the middle of March the camelias, winter flowers that arrived by boat to Spain from the East during the 17th and 18th centuries and found in Galicia the humidity, temperature and acidity of the perfect soil for its growth. Adornment in stately homes and country houses, little by little its use spread to all kinds of gardens and farms until Galicia became an international benchmark in the cultivation and production of this plant, of which there are about 80 species and 30,000 different varieties. The Route of the Camellia of the Rias Baixas It allows you to explore – as far as possible – botanical paradises and discover castles, beautiful country houses and natural parks.

Sotomayor Castle


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