Seven viewpoints to enjoy the best views of Spain


Rocio Jimenez



To discover magical corners and spectacular landscapes it is not necessary, as many think, to travel very far. Spain can boast of having endless natural spaces, charming cities, paradisiacal beaches and, as the perfect complement to any getaway, a first-rate gastronomy.

To calmly enjoy these scenarios there is nothing like going to a viewpoint. Beyond those offered by nature itself, there are some key points in which to contemplate, from another perspective, the most emblematic buildings and landscapes of each city. From a communications tower to an old concrete watchtower, these balconies are crowned as strategic places to enjoy some Panoramic views that, at the very least, are forever etched on the retina.

The bank of Redondela, Galicia

In addition to the good gastronomy it offers, its beaches, its charming towns and its spectacular nature, Galicia has one more claim among tourists: its panoramic benches. Spread throughout the community, these relaxing viewpoints fill social networks with idyllic photographs for their charm and, of course, for the views they offer.

The bank of Redondela (Cedeira), which has ‘Galizia It’s different’ engraved on the back gives, from the top of Campo da Rata, a beautiful panoramic view of the Vigo estuary, the Rande bridge, the Cíes islands and the San Simón cove. Getting here is not an easy task, but the final reward fully justifies the walk.

The roof terrace of the Círculo de Bellas Artes, Madrid

Nothing better to get a panoramic view of the rooftops of the capital than to get on one of its fashionable rooftops. There are many options, but none better to enjoy almost 360-degree views than the rooftop of the Círculo de Bellas Artes. Located 56 meters above Alcalá Street, this terrace allows you to observe from the Sierra de Guadarrama to the north, to the Cerro de los Ángeles to the south, while savoring one of its exquisite cocktails or a Mediterranean background cuisine prepared by the chef Manuel Berganza. The building is also crowned by the bronze sculpture of Minerva – Roman goddess of wisdom and art – created by Juan Luis Vassallo.

Sunset from the Círculo de Bellas Artes
Sunset from the Círculo de Bellas Artes – © @jfalonso

Abrante viewpoint, La Gomera

Not suitable for people who suffer from vertigo, that’s right the Abrante viewpoint, in La Gomera. In this peculiar space, visitors do not look over the cliff, but rather float over it. From the end of the viewpoint there is a seven meter long cantilever with a glass floor that allows you to contemplate this island in all its splendor. When there are no clouds you can see the small valley of Agulo, sandwiched between almost vertical cliffs and open to the Atlantic Ocean. In addition, in the distance you can see Tenerife.

Next to the walkway there is also a restaurant where you can taste the typical Canarian dishes washed down by wines with La Gomera designation of origin. To get here you need to go by car. There is a free parking area to leave the vehicle.

Mirador del Fitu, Asturias

El Fitu is not a typical natural viewpoint, but rather an old concrete watchtower, known by the locals as the cazu for its cup shape, built in 1927 in the middle of the Sierra del Sueve, a short distance from Arriondas and Colunga .

This construction stands on the Alto de la Cruz de Llames offering 360-degree views of some of the most beautiful landscapes in Asturias, such as the Picos de Europa National Park, the Ponga Natural Park and, on clearer days, the town of Ribadesella.

Collserola Tower, Barcelona

Built for the 1992 Olympic Games, Collserola is a 288-meter-high telecommunications tower, a figure which makes it the tallest building in Barcelona. In addition, it has a wonderful viewpoint, located on the tenth floor, from which get a complete panoramic view of the city and its surroundings. In normal weather conditions the view can reach up to 70 kilometers.

From the Torre de Collserola you can see the entire city
From the Torre de Collserola you can see the whole city – © Tore de Collserola

The towers of the cathedral of Salamanca

Salamanca has an impressive monumental heritage, so being able to glimpse it from the heights is a privilege. Beyond the natural viewpoints that surround it, there are different options located within the same city from which to contemplate, in all their splendor, its most emblematic points. One of them is the Ieronimus, the towers of the Cathedral –the Torre Mocha and the Torre de Campanas– which are climbed inside the temple through passageways and stairs. This route between battlements, pinnacles and gargoyles allows you to contemplate the cathedral complex, as well as the valley of the river Tormes.

The Alcazar of Segovia

When the traveler goes to Segovia, the most common thing is to look for a point from which to observe the cathedral and the imposing Alcázar, a castle that they say served as an inspiration to Wall Disney himself. But, those who want to get a different snapshot can go to the same Alcazar. Its location, between the Eresma and Clamores valleys, make it an exceptional viewpoint to contemplate this magical city. From the outside the views are already incredible, but if you decide to go inside You can also ascend to the Juan II Tower to obtain a more complete panoramic view.

Conversely, If you want to go to the highest viewpoint in Segovia, you have to go to the bell tower of the cathedral and climb 190 steps, an effort that is well worth it for the views it offers to the most important monuments of the city.

Views from the Alcazar of Segovia
Views from the Alcazar of Segovia – © Rocío Jiménez

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