Seven women who will inspire the looks of 2022


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We often turn to social media for inspiration and ideas. Inspiration when it comes to cooking, learning about beauty, decorating spaces and, of course, achieving the perfect look. Profiles dedicated to the world of fashion, to give ideas of where to buy, how to combine clothes or how to get the most out of the wardrobe, they were pioneers in sharing their talent on Instagram and in the ‘boom’ that this trend meant later.

Now that a few years have passed, there are many women who still continue with that work of giving advice and posting fashion content on a daily basis. have accounts with a retinue of followers who see in them a continuous source of ideas.

And, far from what one might think, not only are they profiles aimed at a young audience, but there are also some aimed at a more ‘senior’ public (from 60 years); from ‘curvy’ or ‘petit’ fashion (upper sizes and small sizes), with airs more casual, others more elegant and formal, sporty The executives; and all of them with the common link of accumulating thousands of followers.

so they are toSome of the women who will inspire the best outfits of this 2022.

white bleis

the founder of Bleis Madrid, brand that bears his last name is undoubtedly a source of inspiration. Her own brand stems from Blanca’s personal desire to recover the quality of women’s tailoring hand-finished, with special attention to every detail to reinvent it and make it unique. With a constant search for the perfect pattern, her garments “adapt to today’s woman, filling her with security”, as Blanca herself affirms. She herself is one of her best ambassadors, how could it be otherwise. In Blanca’s profile, where she has more than 43 thousand followers, we find timeless, versatile and elegant pieces They add character and personality. The jacket is his star garment, showing how to wear it in countless versions.

Carmen Gimeno

Among the Spanish influencers of over 50 years highlights the name of this drawing teacher who today has more than 210 thousand followers. Carmen has become a benchmark for anyone who wants to adapt fashion trends to their own style. Color-filled photographs, in which the protagonist wears all kinds of clothes and accessories, with original outfits and low-cost clothing from Zara, Mango o H&M, among other brands.

Read Sfez

Leia is artistic director and consultant for various international fashion firms. His creative profile is evident on his Instagram account where he often posts outfits in which personality prevails, reaching his almost 700 thousand followers. With a sober and timeless style, he often resorts to basic garments to compose outfits to which he always gives a special touch. His images with inspired looks coexist with other snapshots with his children. An inspiring diary profile of a truly stylish Parisian mom.

Nicolette Mason

Columnist in beauty magazines since 2012, activist against homophobia and hatred of transgender people, Nicolette has spent years defending the idea that difference is sexy and this is how he shows it daily on his Instagram profile, where he has 208 thousand followers. She is one of the most popular influencers in the US and her publications are among the most influential in the world. With a modern and casual style, Nicolette shows that size should not be an impediment to style. A profile in which not only to find inspiration to dress, but also ideals and awareness for a better society.

Susi Rejano

influencer’s mother Carla Hinojosa, this Catalan is a designer and founder of the jewelry firm Brilliant BCN. In his Instagram account he has more than 600 thousand followers who witness her impeccable style every day. outfits ideal for going to the office, which are interspersed with some more special ones. Its classic combinations are versatile and timeless, reinventing looks on many occasions with jewels and small details that make the difference.

Blair Eadie

This New Yorker, famous for her colorful looks and a pioneer in the world of blogs, opened her blogs back in 2008 and since then her followers have not stopped growing. With more than 1.7 million followers on InstagramBlair started her Atlantic-Pacific blog while working as a salesperson for GAP, and a couple of years ago she launched her own clothing line with sizes ranging from 32 to 56 and quite popular prices between 30 and 200 euros. In your feed we find a lot of color, dreamy dresses and risky combinationsWithout a doubt, a pure source of inspiration.

Pernille Teisbaek

This Danish stylist and creative director has been inspiring for years with her fashion proposals. She is one of the references of the Nordic style at an international level since she started with her blog and later before his more than 1.2 million followers. At 35 years old, she not only boasts of being one of the best representatives of the praised Nordic style, even publishing a guide in 2016, but in her feed we can see her share (in addition to looks) her ideal day-to-day in Copenhagen with her husband Philip Lotko, co-founder of raincoat brand Rains, and his three children.

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