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Filomena is leaving us shivering. The historic storm, which has managed to paralyze cities like Madrid, has caused a cold wave in the Iberian Peninsula that threatens to leave some towns with temperatures below -15º C, according to the prediction of the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet ). In order to cope with this situation, and avoid catching a cold, or worse, the best we can do, and more so in times of pandemic that run, is to make ourselves strong at home and try to maintain a suitable temperature inside .

And that is not only achieved by turning on the heating. Also exist devices that can help to make these days more pleasant; especially for those for whom staying teleworking on the couch at home is not an option. We collect some of the most interesting.

For when you rest

Temperatures tend to plummet at night. And to have a good day, it is already known that it is important to be at a suitable temperature. Specifically, between 15 and 22ºC, according to various studies. To achieve this, we can use one of the electric blankets that are available on the market. That of the MaxKare brand, in addition to respectable dimensions of 130 by 180 centimeters, has six temperature levels to be able to graduate it to our liking. It also has a system to protect the user from overheating, which allows the disconnection to be programmed between one and three hours after it is switched on.

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So as not to be cut off

Extreme cold, like heat, is harmful to electronic devices. Among them, the «smartphones», Since low temperatures not only force them to work more limiting the durability of the load, but also can damage the battery and, with this, limit its useful life. To avoid this, the ideal is to keep it as warm as possible, either by placing it in an inside coat pocket or using a thermal sling to protect it. There are brands such as Climatecase, Phoozy or Salewa specialized in the elaboration of this type of products.

As ABC has been able to verify, the most accessible covers for Spanish users at the moment are those of Salewa. They have a wool-covered interior as a means to protect the mobile from the cold.

To be warm

Heated jackets have been around for some time now. So much so that you even sign like Xiaomi they have dared to develop products of this type. Be that as it may, those of the Iurek brand are among the most popular at the moment. Its design is quite sober. It uses infrared technology that allows heat the user evenly and consistently safely. In addition, it has three different temperatures and an autonomy of up to 10 hours, as promised by the company.

To warm you up intelligently

The smart thermostats they offer us great maneuverability when it comes to having our homes at the desired temperature. And, in addition, they can be programmed through the use of applications or voice assistants. Among the manufacturers of this type of device, Netatmo stands out, which is one of the technology firms specialized in “smart home” that has been emerging the most in recent years. With a minimalist and basic design, your model NTH01-ES-EC, use your answers to 5 questions to create a program based on your habits and your lifestyle, so that you only use the heating when you need it. In addition, it is compatible with the artificial intelligences of Google, Amazon and Apple.

So your coffee doesn’t get cold

Xiaomi develops much more than “smartphones”. Within its catalog we can find everything from electric scooters, to razors or toothbrushes. Even smart jugs capable of heating a drink. That is the case of the Mi Electric Keetle. The device has a capacity of 1.5 liters. Its technology allows to keep the liquid inside hot up to 12 hours, in addition, the temperature can be controlled from an application. The interior is made of a double layer of stainless steel that provides maximum security thermal insulation to barely notice the heat inside when we approach or touch it. It has a power of 1800W and is designed to operate at 220 volts.

To warm your hands …

There are many devices available on the market that allow us to keep our hands protected from the cold during this time of year. However, if you don’t want to spend a lot, and you don’t care too much whether your gloves are heated or not, you can go for a simple Heater. Among the different options we find that of the Peyou brand. The device has three levels of heating and also has portable battery and flashlight functionalities. According to the brand, it is fully functional three seconds after being turned on.

And feet

As with jackets and gloves, on the market there is a wide variety of heated socks. Among them are those of the Snow Deer brand, which are available in three sizes. Each pair is accompanied by two 2,200 mAh rechargeable lithium batteries. Depending on the heat level, of the three available, in which we program them, your autonomy will vary between 2 o’clock, 3 o’clock and 4 o’clock, they promise from the manufacturing company. The area that receives the most heat from the foot is the toes.

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