Sony announces the launch of new virtual reality glasses for PlayStation 5

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The next generation of PlayStation VR, Sony’s virtual reality viewer, is on the way. Although it will not come imminently. This was recently announced Hideaki Nishino, senior vice president of planning and platform management at the Japanese technology company, through an entry on the company’s official blog. It shows that the firm is working on a device that fix many of the weaknesses of your current viewer, which has been on store shelves for more than four years.

“We are using what we have learned since the launch of PS VR on PS4 to develop a next generation virtual reality system that improves everything from resolution and field of view to tracking and input. It will connect to PS5 with a single cable to simplify setup and improve ease of use, while enabling a high-fidelity viewing experience, ”said Nishino.

Sony is also dedicating efforts to the development of a new control that will be compatible with this viewer. The firm points out that great care is being taken to improve its ergonomics. Likewise, it is pointed out that it will have some of the functionalities that distinguish the Dualshock 5, the command developed to PS5. Possibly, referring to the haptic technology, which allows you to realistically feel actions such as the firing of a weapon or the execution of a skid when driving in a video game.

Regarding the date on which the viewer will be available, Sony does not dare to give a rough estimate. “There is still a lot of development in progress for our new VR system so it won’t be released in 2021. But we wanted to bring this early update to our fans as the development community has started work on creating new worlds. so you can explore in virtual reality “, says the vice president of Sony in this regard.

Ahead of Microsoft and Nintendo

Sony’s commitment to virtual reality has been strong for years. Unlike its main competitors in the development of consoles, Nintendo and Microsoft, the Japanese technology company has already dared to populate the shelves with devices compatible with this technology. And, in addition, harvesting some quite remarkable sales data. In January 2020, the technology company announced that, until that moment, it had managed to place five million units of the device next to a PS4. Likewise, Sony has endowed them with a good handful of notable works that are only compatible with this technology, as is the case of ‘Astro Bot‘, ‘Blood and Truth‘, ‘Iron Man VR‘, ‘Farpoint‘ The ‘Resident Evil VII VR‘.

The current viewfinder stands out for its ability to offer a sound and image on the screen more than reasonable and, in addition, in exchange for a currently quite adjusted price; between 200 and 300 euros depending on the pack chosen. However, the enormous number of cables it requires, and the consequent hassle involved in connecting them, are one of its greatest must. Something that, according to the words of the vice president of Sony, technology has set out to solve.

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