Spain is the preferred destination for the British for their summer holidays

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The de-escalation plan proposed by the United Kingdom Government between March and June, which plans to lift restrictions on international flights as of May 17, has encouraged the British to reserve the Summer Vacation and Spain occupies the first place on your wish list, according to Skyscanner data for the months of June, July and August 2021.

Spain ranks as the most booked destination for UK travelers, but is also number one by search volume, experiencing an increase of 170 percent.

According to data from the flight search engine, the most popular departure date to travel to Spain is August, with 54 percent of searches, with a stay of no more than one week, while the main destinations are Malaga, Palma and Ibiza. Flight prices are currently up to 25% lower during June, July and August than in 2020.

Greece, Turkey, Portugal and Italy

Greece It is the second most booked destination and has seen a 96 percent increase in searches since Boris Johnson issued his de-escalation route. Average flight prices are up to 11% lower for Greece than in 2019.

The third most booked holiday destination by the British for this summer is Turkey, which separately has seen a 113 percent increase in search volumes.

Portugal is the trending destination, with a 176% increase in search volumes, the most of any vacation spot, but in terms of overall bookings it ranks fourth on Skyscanner’s list followed by Italy.

Skyscanner also highlighted that Spain and Greece take the top spots for August, while trips to Turkey, Italy and Portugal will be more likely in July. The data also indicates that couples choose Italy, while families prefer Turkey.

The analysis period for the Skyscanner data was from February 22, 2021 to February 24.

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