Spain requests the European Commission to increase the advances of the 2021 CAP

Teresa Sanchez Vicente



The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPA) has asked the European Commission to allow it to increase the percentage of the amount of advance aid from 50% to 70% for the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and 75 % to 85% in the case of those belonging to the Rural Development category. These advances in payments would begin to be disbursed as of October 16, according to sources from the Ministry of Agriculture, who calculate that this measure could allow an advance of direct aid of around 3,350 million euros to the more than 670,000 farmers and ranchers who have claimed them in the 2021 campaign.

The increase in the amount of advance payments would thus be an “important” injection of liquidity to farmers and ranchers in a year that has continued to be complicated for the entire sector due to the situation derived from the Covid-19 pandemic, as indicated from the department directed by Luis Planas

The deadline for submitting applications for CAP aid for the 2021 season ended on May 31, although until tomorrow, June 15, modifications can be made, as well as assignments of rights or allegations to the Geographic Information System of Agricultural Parcels (SIGPAC). Procedures have now been started to carry out the necessary administrative and on-the-spot controls to ensure that the aid reaches farmers and ranchers who meet all the conditions for its receipt.

At the request of Spain, the European Commission has already approved a regulation that will reduce the controls carried out in each aid scheme, which generally go from 5% to 3% of the files. In addition, these controls can be carried out without the need for physical contact between the farmer and the controller in order to respect the sanitary recommendations. With these measures, it will be achieved that there are no more delays and that the CAP aid is paid in the same terms as every year, as interpreted by the ministry led by Luis Planas.

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All questions related to the PAC procedures can be consulted on the FEGA website. In this portal, the circular is available that details all the extraordinary measures for the control of the CAP in this year 2021 and that also establishes a series of considerations regarding the application of the ordinary regulations on management, control and payment of aid, in the context of the. These issues include the invocation of the case of force majeure and exceptional circumstances in cases in which said crisis has meant that all the eligibility conditions established for the collection of certain aid cannot be met.

«With all these measures related to the single application, the controls of said applications and the payment of advances, the Government seeks that all farmers and ranchers in Spain can receive their aid from the CAP 2021 without problems and on the same dates as in the previous campaigns “, reads the note sent by the Ministry of Agriculture.

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