Steps to get rid of up to 60 euros in commissions that some banks will charge in June

Teresa Sanchez Vicente



Almost all banks located in Spain they will begin to charge in June up to 60 euros in commissions to its clients with less ties and who do not comply with the required conditions. From an analysis prepared by the financial comparator, it appears that June and December are the months in which entities apply more surcharges as monthly, quarterly and semi-annual expenses accumulate. The current cost of maintaining an account ranges from 67 euros to 240 euros. Not counting the rest of the surcharges applied to the cards or to certain transfers.

“Not all customers will pay, only those who do not meet the conditions of their bank account will do so”, indicates a spokesperson for the comparator, from where they calculate that up to 11 banks based in our country will charge commissions throughout this month.

In order to avoid these expenses, most of the entities require a greater link as direct payroll or pension or hire additional products – which in turn generate other commissions – such as investment funds, pension plans, insurance, loans or making a minimum outlay with a credit card.

Nevertheless, linking more is not the only solution to avoid these costs. experts recommend assessing whether it is worth accepting the conditions imposed by the bank to avoid paying costs and, if not, changing the entity. “Changing bank is not a complicated process,” they point out from The first step is to open the new account and, once activated, you can make a transfer to send the money. It will also be necessary to transfer the receipts and inform our company that we have changed the account number. The last step would be to cancel the account and old cards so that they stop generating commissions.

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Hardening of conditions

Sometimes, domiciliary is not enough since the entities have hardened the conditions not to charge commissions, as they warn from the OCU consumer association. Faced with this panorama of search for profits in the face of falling margins due to low interest rates, from the OCU they recommend looking for profitable accounts, which not only exempt from paying commissions, but also offer some type of remuneration to their clients.

Another alternative is to switch to online banking and to entities that operate through the Internet. These online accounts offer more attractive options that do not involve paying commissions and do not require too many linking requirements to avoid them.

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