Sticks Ibrahimovic from the NBA for his criticism of LeBron James activism

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At 39 years old and with a peculiarly overwhelming personality, Zlatan Ibrahimovic it’s back from everything. The veteran forward, now in the ranks of AC Milan, is above the limitations that, in theory, his age should impose on his performance, he does not let criticism affect him, and he does not mind contributing his opinion on any subject if You feel like it, sporty or not. Thus, it is not surprising that the Swede attacked LeBron James last week for what he considered “doing politics.”

In an interview for the channel Discovery, the footballer explained that the Los Angeles Lakers player was a “phenomenal” athlete, but only to point out afterwards that he should focus on basketball and not get into political issues. «Do what you are good at. Do the sport you do. I play soccer because I am the best at soccer, I am not a politician. If he had been a politician, he would be doing politics, “he said.

“This is the first mistake famous people make when they become famous and achieve a certain status. For me it is better to avoid certain topics and do what is best done, because the opposite is not right»He added.

Ibrahimovic was referring to the Lakers star’s activism in denouncing racism and defending social justice in the United States in the wake of recent police abuses. A way of acting in which, after hearing Ibrahimovic’s words, James ratified himself: “I will never shut up when things are wrong. I speak to my people and preach on equality, social justice, racism, voter suppression … I understand this platform and how powerful my voice is.

And he settled the discussion with a taunt for the Swedish striker, with Bosnian and Croatian origins: «It’s funny that he said that, because I think in 2018 he was the same guy as He said that when he played in Sweden, his last name was not common and that he felt racism when he was on the field».

Now, after this media scuffle between the two stars, to which Ibrahimovic replied in turn that “athletes unite the world and politics divides it”, several NBA personalities have raised their voices on social media to back his Lakers colleague, and forcefully.

“We are speaking out against oppression”

One of the first to respond was One’s Edges, Turkish center for the Portland Trail Blazers and recognized activist for freedoms in his country, something that has earned him censorship and persecution by the Erdogan government.

«Someone tell Ibrahimovic that there is a difference between political opinions and speaking out against persecution, oppression and dictators. ‘Black Lives Matter’ is not a political statement, we are speaking out against oppression, and in the United States we call it freedom of expression, “he wrote in Twitter.

Although Kanter’s message was won by the one tweeted by the former player Baron Davis: ‘Zlatan, keep your ass out of LA. The Galaxy are gross anyway. And you you’re dumber than hell. Take that stolen Zohan look and return it to Adam Sandler. And now let the King speak.

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