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As a kid growing up in California, skating and surfing was king, and I could find all my everyday gear at PacSun. However, now that I’m no longer a teenager, I still want to buy from PacSun and I know I’m not alone. From cute swimsuits to denim shirts and cute t-shirts, everything I love to wear is affordable at PacSun. However, if you’re like me and want to stick to a tried and true store, sometimes it’s okay to change it. These are not stores like PacSun. They are great for shopping when you are looking for something beachy, comfortable and current.

It does not matter if you are looking for fun summer swimwear, tights or classic denim shorts, these are places that are worth seeing. Some are a little more luxurious and some a little more sporty, but they all have the same atmosphere: an interesting wave on the beach and off the beach that actually tells you where they got their beautiful jacket from. Keep reading to buy our selections and get ready to bookmark these retailers for future shopping trips. This is the summer when you have all the clothes you dreamed of all winter.

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