Swipe all the way down on Gabrielle Union’s super long low twist for a surprise pouf – photos


It must be such a pleasure to do that Gabrielle UnionShe knows that no matter what look you give her, she will be unwaveringly gorgeous. Each style looks like it’s been waiting for its moment of glory on Union’s head – no head that’s worn it before or since will ever be able to match it. She pulls off every classic and whimsical hairstyle so completely that it goes all the way back to dressing. And of course her latest work is no exception.

Union shared photos on Instagram on Tuesday highlighting some of her and husband Dwyane Wade’s time in Milan, where Fashion Week is currently taking place. At first glance, it looks like Union is sporting a low, super-long ponytail with a sleek base — and she is. But some photos show the twist ending better than others.

The ends meet at her waist and explode into the prettiest, puffiest pouf we’ve ever seen. Crafted by Issac Poleon – who shared part of the styling process on his own Instagram grid – the pouf has a truly impressive girth. In some photos, it looks like it’s even bigger than Union’s own head. It’s fun, chic, creative and undeniably enviable.

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