Sydney Sweeney cut her hair in a lob and said goodbye to the center part – see photo


Despite the euphoria During the hiatus, Sweeney has been busy with multiple brand deals and upcoming projects. In fact, the actress recently claimed she couldn’t afford to take a break in a recent interview with her The Hollywood Reporter.

Unfortunately, her busy schedule in June led to a series of panic attacks. “I lost my shit,” she said THR. “I still can’t get my mind to shut up and I’m not sleeping.” To help the cause, the actress went home to the Pacific Northwest, put down her phone and visited family. She spent two weeks “hiking and skiing and doing what I really love.”

Next – apart from euphoria Season 3 – Sweeney is set to produce and star in the HBO limited series The gaming tableas well as star in Marvel’s upcoming Spiderman spin off Mrs. Netz alongside Dakota Johnson. In September, the actress will attend the 2022 Emmy Awards, where she will be nominated for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series and in limited edition for her roles in euphoria and The White Lotusrespectively.

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