Ten of the best beaches in Spain to go with your dog this summer

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Every July 21 the International Dog Day. It is a time when many pet owners consider how to organize a day at the beach with their dogs. It is not always easy (in some municipalities they set a few hours, already at sunset) and other times it is not allowed. On the internet they are usually listed with updated municipal ordinances.

According to Redcanina.es, which updates its list of beaches that accept pets every year, the Valencian Community and Andalusia are the communities with the most beaches for dogs. Municipalities such as Torrevieja, Alboraya and Torrox already have pet friendly beaches for this summer 2021. In the province of Alicante there are eleven beaches for dogs. In Murcia they recommend Las Moreras Beach. In Asturias, Playa del Sablón, in Bayas, Castrillón. In Menorca, Cala Binigaus (with restricted hours, from 7:00 p.m., and dogs must be on a leash).

These ten beaches, collected with the opinions of the People platform and Redcanina.es, are a small sample of the canine possibilities of our coast. In all cases, there are usually general rules that almost always have to do with common sense: do not disturb other bathers, collect the excrement, have the dog registered and with a microchip or keep the vaccinations up to date, among others.

Ses Figueretes, Ibiza

The beach is located in the municipality of Ibiza. In fact, it gives its name to one of the city’s neighborhoods. In the last section, of about 140 meters, the City Council has enabled a bathing area for dogs throughout the year, without time restrictions. This is the coastal section that runs parallel to Carles Roman Ferrer street.

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La Rubina Beach (Empuriabrava)

It was the first beach for dogs in Spain. Fine sand beach and crystal clear waters. It is in Castelló D’Empúries, in Empuriabrava, south of Roses.

El Confital, Tenerife

Of gray sand, it is located next to the majestic Red Mountain of El Médano. It is one of the few beaches on the island where you can enjoy bathing with your pet. Among the standards required, dogs must always be accompanied by a person of legal age, who will be liable for any damage caused.

Oriñon Pier, in Castro Urdiales, Cantabria

The Oriñón Muelle Beach in Castro Urdiales -according to El Correo- is more than a sandy area, it is a cove that fishermen use as a natural garage to leave their boats. It is open to dogs all year round and they can walk without a leash and without a muzzle or dive into the water. In Oriñón Beach, dogs are prohibited from entering in summer; that of Muelle Oriñón, on the other hand, is a good destination for pet owners.

El Puntal, in Somo, Cantabria

It is a 4.5 km beach, but only the southern part, next to the Somo Pier in the Miera Estuary, is available for dogs.

Caleta dels Gossets, in Santa Pola, Alicante

It is a small cove (256 meters) that is part of the group of Calas del Cuartel, located next to the Cabo de Santa Pola Natural Park. As its name suggests, ‘Playa de los perritos’ is an ideal place to spend the day with these pets in the province of Alicante. On some occasion it has been voted Best Pet Friendly Destination.

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La Maza beach, in San Vicente de la Barquera, Cantabria

Los Vagos Beach, as it is popularly known, is located next to the San Vicente de la Barquera bridge and the Ría de Oyambre. You can go with dogs all year round.

L’Estartit Beach, in Torroella de Motgrí, Gerona

This summer the beach has an area for dog lovers. It is an area of ​​about six hundred meters in front of Camping El Molino.

A Cunchiña Beach, in Cangas, Pontevedra

In Galicia there are just over a dozen beaches that accept mascostas, including A Cunchiña, located in front of the old Conservera Massó. It is about a hundred meters long and fifteen wide, and it is a sandy beach that ends in a rocky area.

Torre del Mar beach, Malaga

The Costa del Sol offers this beach where dogs are welcome: it has a ‘pipican’ area, a play area with a swing, two balance beams, a jumping area, a jump wheel, a tunnel and a ramp. According to Redcanina, it is the best beach in Andalusia for this summer.

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