Ten of the most beautiful and interesting beaches in northern Spain


1. Arrigunaga, Getxo (Biscay)

Atmosphere on Arrigunaga beach – Borja Agudo

Cut out by the impressive cliffs of La Galea, this sandy area is frequented by families and surfers. It is accessed from the Algorta neighborhood in Getxo and can be reached by metro from Bilbao. Enjoying your picnic area or strolling from the Aixerrota mill on the La Galea cliff offers magnificent views of the Punta Galea fort and lighthouse and an open panorama of the Bilbao estuary from the north viewpoint.

2. Itzurun, Zumaia (Guipúzcoa)

Views of Itzurun beach, in Zumaia (Guipúzcoa), surrounded by cliffs from millions of years ago
Views of Itzurun beach, in Zumaia (Guipúzcoa), surrounded by cliffs from millions of years ago – David Aprea

One of the most admired on the Basque coast, Itzurun or San Telmo is the most spectacular beach in Zumaia due to the flysch cliffs, an extraordinary geological phenomenon that includes millions of years of the planet’s history. Its rocks and crystal clear waters create a movie landscape and the waves are a challenge for swimming. For a quieter dip, neighboring Santiago Beach is the perfect alternative.

3. Berria, Santoña (Cantabria)

Playa de Berria
Playa de Berria

Santoñesa Berria beach is openly rammed by the Cantabrian Sea between Punta del Águila, on Mount Buciero, which stands out covered with intense greenness from the Cantabrian holm oak, and Punta del Brusco. Its sandy area of ​​just over two kilometers with its fine white sand is a destination for surfers and cautious bathers.

4. La Rabia, Comillas (Cantabria)

View of Oyambre beach.  at the mouth of the La Rabia estuary
View of Oyambre beach. at the mouth of the La Rabia estuary – Nacho Romero

Facing the beach and Cape Oyambre and putting a magnificent finishing touch on the La Rabia estuary, the 300 m of this beach are perfect for relaxing in the Oyambre natural park. The meeting of the oceanic waters with the Turbio and Capitán rivers in the estuary provide a biological wealth that feeds countless birds in the marsh at its mouth.

5. Buelna, Buelna (Asturias)

Buelna Beach
Buelna Beach – Juan Garcia Llaca

The magic of Buelna beach lies in its calm waters –which create an ideal pool in the sea for families– but also in its original rock formations, such as the famous El Picón pinnacle. During low tide it changes its length from 50 m until it reaches almost a kilometer of coastline. Not many cars fit. Better to access it by walking.

6. Portizuelo, Luarca (Asturias)

Portizuelo beach
Portizuelo Beach – Asturias tourism

The favorite place for a walk of the Nobel Prize winner Severo Ochoa (1905-1993). It is among the most picturesque landscapes of the Asturian western coast. Portizuelo, with its rocky pebbles and curious marine erosions with sharp profiles, is a coastal destination with a stony substrate that, along 100 meters, concentrates a great visual attraction. It is accessed from the town of Barcia or from the nearby town of Villar.

7. El Silencio, Cudillero (Asturias)

Silence Beach
Silence Beach – Mark Ovid

Barely 500 meters of wild sand and its waters of emerald hues on sunny days, thanks to its rocky substrate, place the Silencio beach among the most beautiful in the Cantabrian Sea. If the bath is at low tide, better to wear sandals to walk on the rocks and boulders. Looking out from the two viewpoints on the cliff that borders the beach is a way to embrace all its natural beauty.

8. Melide, Cangas de Morrazo (Pontevedra)

Melide beach
Melide Beach – Javier Torres Pereira

The striking environment of Cape Home stands out steeply for its cliffs at the western end of the Morrazo peninsula as a privileged viewpoint of the Cíes Islands. Next to it, Melide beach, with 250 m of tempting sands, ensures a peaceful enjoyment in a well-preserved environment and a bath guaranteed by its calm waves. It is reached by track or by footpath.

9. A Frouxeira, Valdoviño (La Coruña)

A group of children enjoy A Frouxeira beach
A group of children enjoy the beach of A Frouxeira – Kiko Delgado

The 3.5 km of fine white sand, next to a coastal lagoon, of A Frouxeira beach combines the pleasure of swimming with ornithological observation. Its waters are healing and give the pleasure of venturing openly into the Atlantic.

10. Rhodes, Cíes Islands (Pontevedra)

Rodas beach, in the Cíes Islands
Rodas Beach, in the Cíes Islands – Miguel Muniz

Among the best in the world, Rodas beach, which connects the North Island or Monteagudo and the Middle Island or Faro, in the Maritime-Terrestrial National Park of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia, is the closest thing to the ideal of a paradisiacal beach . The unspoiled nature and the sensation of being in the middle of the ocean are the perfect finishing touch to culminate a day of natural exploration with a bath in its emerald waters admiring the cliffs of the islands or its rich sea beds.

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