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  • The Villa Concept

    Blazer and trousers from The honest linen line, by The Villa Concept.

    The Villa Concept is the brand of influencers and sisters Gracy and Melissa Villarreal, and they say that The honest linen It is the capsule collection of your dreams. It is made up of seven timeless and basic garments made of pure linen, in Madrid. They follow the philosophy of the brand, ‘timeless elegance’, referring to clothing that does not go out of style, of high quality, versatile and intended for the best spring-summer wardrobe.

    This line is white or gray, and includes two dresses, blouses and a set of jacket and pants that can give a lot of play.

    Price: € 140 for the jacket, € 115 for the pants.

  • Josefina Bags

    Josefina Bowling, by Josefina Bags, made of high quality leather.
    Josefina Bowling, by Josefina Bags, made of high quality leather.

    There is no better date to give a good bag than Mother’s Day, especially if it is a model of quality and trendy design. There are several brands that we especially like, all of national and artisan manufacture, also original, to have an alternative to the large chains and support entrepreneurs, but on this specific date the bowling by Josefina Bags It is a perfect tribute to the current mother, who seeks functionality, style and versatility.

    This bag is made in Spain, at the hands of the best leather artisans, and is designed to carry everything a baby needs (it has many pockets), attach to the cart and also serve to go to the office or a meeting without clashing.

    Price: 348€.

  • Psophía

    Psophía nude tull top
    Psophía nude tull top

    This Spanish fashion brand created by Paloma Vázquez, former director of Hoss Intropia, It has an exquisite selection of garments and fabrics, refined silhouettes and artistic details that will undoubtedly delight every fashion lover.

    For this spring, Psophía has just launched a line with tulle garments, a delicate, suggestive and light tulle to create garments that invite you to dream like this nude blouse with original sleeves, the ideal piece to complete your mother’s wardrobe and make this one succeed spring.

    Price: 176€

  • Anitials

    Matching sweatshirts with initials
    Matching sweatshirts with initials

    Hoodies with initials are definitely a trend on the rise. This Spanish firm has timeless designs, for all ages and so that different members of a family can wear them. Giving your mother a sweatshirt with her initial or perhaps several matching ones, can be a very special option to surprise her and also go to the last.

    On Anitials They also have a limited production of each garment with the aim of creating pieces that have that added value of being able to choose each and every one of their details. In addition to sweatshirts with initials or personalized, they have sweaters, jewelry and other accessories and on the occasion of the Mother’s Day give away a mug with the inscription «best Mum» with all orders over € 80,

    Price: 55€.

  • Black Language

    Black Limba Furina Flash Set
    Black Limba Furina Flash Set

    If your mother is a sports lover or is faithful to the sporty style, in Black Language you will find the gift that goes with it. This Spanish women’s fashion firm has different product lines that are part of its collections such as lingerie, activewear, loungewear and accessories.

    Among its novelties, the model stands out Furina Flash. A unique set of top and leggings with iridescent details that reflect light, creating an effect that will catch all eyes. Its design favors and stylizes all types of bodies, thanks to the adjustable straps of the top that enhance and shape the chest, and the high waist of the leggings.

    Price: € 64 (€ 30 for top and € 34 for leggings)

  • Rita Row

    Rita Row White Shirt
    Rita Row White Shirt

    A quality basic shirt It is an essential garment in any mother’s wardrobe, and if it is made with 100% organic cotton on top, it will last a long time. This asymmetrical poplin shirt with a lapel collar has a design that plays with the classic and the current thanks to its side opening and its extra wide cuffs with black buttons.

    An original and quality garment from the firm ‘made in Spain’ Rita Row, a young brand that is committed to the quality of its fabrics and the durability of its clothing, even creating unisex garments that adapt to all styles.

    Price: 75€

  • M2Malletier

    M2Malletier shoes
    M2Malletier shoes

    M2Malletier is a brand of luxury handbags and other accessories that was born in Barcelona by the hand of the designers Melissa losada Y Marcela Velez, whose philosophy is interpreted as the unification of two fundamental cultural movements: minimalism and surrealism, thus creating pieces that are authentic works of art.

    In addition to their recognizable bags, the firm has launched her first shoe collection. Designed for both men and women, with a timeless and sophisticated design that guarantees the perfect fit, as well as impeccable craftsmanship, both as a result of working closely with exceptional artisans in Spain.

    Price: 375€

  • Vidal & Vidal

    Multicolored gold earring with zircons by Vidal & Vidal
    Multicolored gold earring with zircons by Vidal & Vidal

    This Menorcan jewelry firm with more than 20 years of experience in the sector, makes a great commitment to sustainability in the processes of creating its jewelry and has a wide catalog of all types of jewelry for tastes and needs, among which without a doubt find the one that best suits your mother.

    For all those mothers who love minimalist jewelry, Vidal & Vidal proposes a wide range of small jewels in which the design and quality of the materials used prevail, such as these earrings (10mm) with multicolored zircons totally in trend this season.

    Price: 32€

  • Toni Pons

    Model Amer, by Toni Pons, 75th anniversary collection.

    There is no spring without espadrilles, the most comfortable footwear that never goes out of style. With the revaluation of craftsmanship and natural materials, this type of shoe is more in vogue than ever. Those of Toni Pons are manufactured by hand, in Spain, following the traditional way and incorporating the concept of sustainability.

    The family firm born in a small workshop in Gerona to fit workers in the area turns 75 and celebrates it with the launch of a capsule collection composed of four very summery models. These sandal-style espadrilles are made of high-quality jute, leather and cowhide and come in black, silver or camel.

    Price: 79,95€

  • From sun with love

    From sun with love brand scarf.
    From sun with love brand scarf.

    Clothes that protect you from the sun. With that idea the Spanish brand was born From sun with love, whose garments and accessories block 98% of UVA and UVB rays and have UV Excellent Protection certification. But there is more: everything is made of regenerated or recycled nylon fabric, which does not give off heat, and is manufactured in local national workshops, with exclusive prints made by artists.

    This original brand offers T-shirts, protective capes, bandanas and bottoms for children. His handkerchief, for example, is perfect to give to a mother who is concerned about stains and the health of her skin, especially now that this accessory is up to date.

    Price: 49€.

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