«That people pay less attention to Maluma and go more to the Prado Museum»


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If in the previous edition of «Masterchef» it was Tamara Falcó who made us smile every Tuesday, this year it is José Fernández Pacheco, alias Josie, the one that has us all glued to the television, with the permission of the rest of the contestants. We go over his best lines with him and, using “raséee”, he develops them for ABC. Enjoy the show.

«I need mist, without it I stay like a lady»

“I have been spraying water on myself since I was 16 years old. My dermatologist at the time recommended that I forget to put water from the Canal de Isabel II in my face, and give him to drink only infused waters (of Angelica, chamomile, roses …) or hot springs. And like in ‘Masterchef’ you end up with fried skin with so much focus and I needed to calm that fire with my mists. It was my moment of encouragement to continue in that maelstrom … Now that I have created my own, I have wanted it to be a master formula that oozes the best of all the active principles that have led my face to the success of the index of optimal hydration and it will be on sale in pharmacies (where I have always bought my sprayers) from December 3rd ».

«I am a martyr of the embers, my Rimmel has run off with the barbecue»

«It was just like that, a horror. Besides, I never wear makeup and my eyes work very well with mascara because if there’s one thing I’m proud of, it’s my eyelashes, which haven’t lost (knock on wood) length since my childhood. But in short distances, male makeup does not work because our skin is thicker and the pore is wider … It gets a bit bogged down in the gaze at short distances ».

“I’m afraid that the oil will spill out because this face costs a lot of money”

«The revolutionary tax of face lift is Ultherapy (ultasound therapy). I don’t think there is a man in Spain who has done as many as I have! And since 2013 I pay it every year, so it multiplies … However, I have never infiltrated or put on threads because I do not want to have the face of Ninja turtles that many friends of mine have who have all ended up being the same as if they were family or a race beyond … I’d rather look like a Prado painting than the cover of some fashion magazines featuring heavily retreaded characters ».

But what is this, Joan of Arc? (for so much ember) »

“I only like the embers in the dry sauna. I do not know if I will win Mastechef, but take me to a contest to endure in a dry sauna and then get into a vat of frozen ice, and I win it … I do it every week, and my top is at Sha Wellness Clinic and the Marbella Club because the sauna and tub temperatures are optimal. Do you know why I can handle the heat so well? When I started cooking with Isabel Maestre and my fingers burned for the first time, she gave me a metal bowl that she took from the oven and made me pick it up with my fingertips. It was as if he was branding a beef. But my fingers are calloused and I’m immune to burns.


“Nothing disgusts me more than the drool of a snail”

«I cannot see or eat the snail, imagine applying its drool directly to my face! However, I believe in the regenerative power of its valuable slime and there is a cosmetic around that has helped me throughout my life, especially after going through a late acne breakout in my college years due to stress (I ended up doing two chained races) that caused me to take 16 subjects one September and pass them all ».

“From ‘Masterchef’ I came out as bloated as Elvis in Las Vegas”

«I came out of there with the face of a pepona doll. Jerónimo Ors, director of the firm Cosméticos Ors, who is a good friend and my beauty guru; He told me to pee a lot for a month. He gave me a triphasic diuretic treatment from Herbolario Navarro based on black radish, fennel and green coffee which was phenomenal. And I also called Paz Torralba, director of The Beauty Concept, and she resurrected me with pressotherapy and mesotherapy, because there was no way to rebuild. And come face me with Kobido every week! How many slaps it has cost me to return to my being after ‘Masterchef’ ».

«In fashion they catch you smelling of fried food and they throw you out. It’s like wearing a rasta, like a badly done tattoo »

“I don’t have tattoos because as Karl Lagerfield said, ‘it’s like wearing a Pucci dress every day of your life’ and I refuse to get one when 90% of this society considers it cool without stopping to think that most tattoos What dare people to do are the coolest. I prefer the textile tattoos that Olza Madrid does on incredible garments in my wardrobe that I no longer feel like putting on and need a new life … My Ignacio Urzaiz seizes them and makes them his own by hand-painting eyes, spiders, dragons or snakes. I love this talented aristoskater who has one of the most desirable brands on the scene … ».

“The vinegar of toilette prevents the hair from getting the smell of fritanga”

«It is one of the cosmetics that I have always had in my house to give shine to the hair, to perfume it and even to aromatize the home. When you go on a trip you put Canal water (this time yes) and toilet vinegar in a bowl, and when you return, it has evaporated, you don’t know how your house welcomes you! I also love cooking vinegar. At the Sha Wellness Clinic they always give me a shot of apple cider vinegar with water before meals to “degrease” me.

“I think it’s the latest to have barbecues in the attic, you pollute the whole Salamanca district, and the whole street smells like chorizo”

“It’s the worst. I have only forgiven the great Adela Penedo (Co-founder of the swimwear brand Adela & Vicky) who when she moved to her super penthouse, the entire Plaza de la Independencia smelled like chorizo ​​or whatever she wanted to put on. ember to invite all of Madrid to its gigantic terrace … A friend called me to convey his complaint because when he left Saint Laurent he had a certain smell of barbecue coming from Adela … Unforgettable that call ».

“I hate wearing a salmon sweatshirt more than curls made with tweezers”

“I have nothing against the well-made tweezers, but by democratizing it with so much tutorial, many ‘Nellie Oleson’ have emerged in Little House on the Prairie and a lot of burned hair due to the misuse and abuse of these devices.”

“I have the obligation to stay in showroom size until I am 75 years old”

«My diet is to sin and repent. Yesterday I had pasta and had a Kukitcha infusion for dinner. How do you think I have reached 40 with Elizabeth Taylor’s waist? ».

“This is a hamburuesoid moment”

I wouldn’t sin with a hamburger. I’ll exchange it for you or for a schnitzel ‘—Viennese steak — from Horcher or Isabel Maestre, with the reséee raséee meat. The one at Embassy was also wonderful and I cry when I remember its closure. For me, one of the saddest days of my life was the closure of Castellana’s salon with Ayala. Some of me stayed there … because there is no other place where people of 20 and 80 communicate. It is the Loewe philosophy: past, present, future ”.

“Always taffeta, taffeta makes you much happier”

And a white bathrobe is my favorite textile fallow. It is my textile detox. I wear prints, snakes, diamonds, and if I don’t shed all that from time to time, I get saturated. That is why I need to wear a white American terry bathrobe for 3 days. Then I take the clothes in another way. The taffeta of cosmetics? Calendula. I’d rather eat boiled potatoes all my life but have calendula on my dresser when night falls one summer day after being out in the open, it’s incredible to put it on your face and sleep with it to wake up the next day with regenerated skin. “

Who doesn’t have Lady Di in his head 24 hours? Ladi Say you are in heaven! “

“She is one of the great fashion icons, Cleopatra level”

“When you really want to have fun, take out your third eye and move it”

The third eye I have always carried. My great-aunts would lend me their jewelry to ‘dress up’ at fancy parties and I started by wearing it around my neck, but by the end of the night, it ended up on my head. Now I wear an Alfonso XII medal around my neck that I love and inspires me as much as Spain in 1870, of which 150 will be celebrated in 2020.

“My ass is great, but also these pants enhance it”

«I left when they published that I have the best ass in Spain … I think I have better pants than ass, although genetically I have been favored with very characteristic Fernández-Pacheco buttocks. But you have to keep them and nothing better than carrying some ‘glidings’ (sliding discs) always in my suitcase or applying caffeine creams with a tightening effect at night ».

“With Missoni you struggle little”

«It is closely related to everything that we have green in this interview: tattoos, hypertrophy with anabolic agents, Invictus-type sweet colonies, the three-day beard… In short, being Maluma. My advice? That people pay less attention to Maluma and go more to the Prado because there are beauties that we have to recover for our streets … I prefer any blacksmith from Vulcano’s forge (with turgid skin free of tattoos) than any player of football that today raises passions … ».

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