“That your midwife gives you online classes to prepare for childbirth does not convey the same security”


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The coronavirus has changed many of Raquel’s plans, who, pregnant with twins, had to see her childbirth classes canceled. “It was a real chore because, despite being lucky because I already have a two-year-old daughter, I wanted to refresh everything that a pregnancy entails to be as prepared as possible when it comes time to give birth.”

He had no choice but to join the possibilities offered by the new technologies of prepare your childbirth online in the center Yummy Mummy. «I really missed being with other mothers in the same room, observe how each one of us evolved with our pregnancy, our triples … In the virtual option we only see our faces, we do not perceive the same how our physical state changes, much less emotional. In this modality we connect with each other as strangers, while I remember that in my first pregnancy when I attended face-to-face classes, at the end of each session we were looking forward to going for a coffee and telling each other all our doubts and experiences. When you are pregnant you feel like in another world and you want to tell how you are and listen how women who are in the same state feel. “

Same knowledge and content

Regarding learning, online classes, according to Raquel, offer the same knowledge and content “because midwives tell you and explain everything we need to know and, in the same way, they also answer all of our questions … which are usually quite a few , especially in these times of Covid-19 ».

Even so, Raquel acknowledges that in the online format misses closer proximity when doing practical exercises postural and breathing. «When you are in person, it gives you the feeling that the midwife addresses you more individually and he can correct you by positioning yourself well or by telling you to do this or that. Oddly enough, it gives you much more security. That he sees you on the screen and tells you that you do it well, is not as satisfactory, “he points out.

For this mother who has already given birth to her twins, face-to-face classes «make you get deeper into the world of motherhood, to live in a closer way all this environment, even so —matiza— it is fortunate that future mothers do not lose this contact with midwives and that they can continue doing these online sessions to to be able to feel connected and not isolated in a moment of our life in which we need a lot of support and help to avoid doubts or fear to give birth to our children.

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